Introducing Dynamics 365

Who will benefit?

How will Dynamics 365 benefit me?

We’re well aware that you have already done an awful lot of research in your quest to find the right software to fit everyone in your organisation’s needs.

But have you considered it from some of your team members’ points of view? How will this make their lives easier?

We’ve put together a little Q & A that some of your fellow team mates might typically asking this potential forthcoming investment and which will enable you to answer them. 

The executive will ask...

How will this improve my businesses revenue and margin?

Teams work more collaboratively, can view data live and forecast more easily.

And a Dynamics 365 CRM will provide....

Understand and analyse customers, competitors and win/loss reasons to optimise approach to market

How will it make us more competitive?

Up front set up fees followed by a monthly license per user, makes it easy to budget for.

Stay ahead by seeing sales opportunities and threats

Benefit from a live sales pipeline forecast

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The manager will ask...

Sales – how does this make our sales process easier?

Create lead and opportunity workflows that suit your sales process.

And a Dynamics 365 CRM will provide....

Bring YOUR sales process to life

Customise emails and documents so that you can undertake your sales process end to end from one system.

Live pipeline management

Marketing - how do we track leads, sales and ROI

Log calls, cases, sales opportunities against customers to give one central account view.

Manage calls, activities, quotes and more from one central place

View customers by account to get an overall view of contacts and activities

Capture leads against campaigns and track from pipeline through to sale

Leads, Campaigns, Competitors and reporting allows a live time view of marketing leads and outcomes by campaign.

Live visibility of forecasted and actual ROI

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The IT person will ask...

How easy is it to support? Is it secure? How can I add and manage users?

Regular updates to functions and features, so you can decide which to activate or make use of

And a Dynamics 365 CRM will provide....

Stay up to date with release ‘waves’

Cloud based on MS Azure

Azure hosting and real time encryption

Admin level to manage users, preferences, workflows, layouts and more

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The team member will ask...

And a Dynamics 365 CRM will provide....

How easy it is to use? Will I understand how to use it?

Customise the workflows to support YOUR processes, create forms that show you the information YOU need.

YOUR processes at your fingertips

Create bespoke reports and dashboards so that you have actionable information at your fingertips.

Dashboards and reports created to show the data YOU need

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