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Get Dynamics 365 CRM up and running for your organisation…fast!

With our Quick-Start approach, you can sign up to a number of days that allow us to get you started quickly with Dynamics 365.

5 days
  • Our most economical approach
  • Covering:
  • Implementation of single app with basic customisation*
  • One 2-hour workshop to discover requirements
  • Half day support and training
10 days
  • Our most popular solution for small businesses
  • Covering:
  • Choice of implementing two apps with basic customisations* or one app with more complex customisations
  • Two 2-hour workshops to discover requirements
  • Simple data import (e.g. accounts/contacts)
  • One days' support and training
20 days
  • The advanced solution for small businesses
  • Covering:
  • Choice of implementing up to three apps complete with customisations
  • One day workshop to discover requirements
  • Data import and setup
  • Two days’ support and training
  • Incorporating workflow automation using Power Automate to reduce admin

*Basic customisation means up to 15 custom fields and 1 custom process flow or 1 custom dashboard

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Unsure of how many days you'll need?

We know that determining exactly what it is that you need is really tricky, which is why our approach is based on the number of days we think you might require once we’ve ascertained what it is you need.  That’s right, we’ll work with you to decide what is imperative, what will be useful and what you don’t need; our expertise will help create the value that will provide a return on your investment.
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How does the Quick-Start approach work?

Here at Software Solved we like to keep the process as slick and transparent as possible and always follow these key steps…

Dynamics 365 - working out what you need

Working out what you need

Give us a call and tell us what you’re looking to achieve or what you need this CRM to do and we’ll help you choose the number of days you need for your quick start.

Dynamics 365 - getting started

Getting things underway

Once you’ve given the nod on your chosen number of days, we’ll get to work understanding more detail so that we can document what will be delivered within your chosen number of days.

Dynamics 365 - the build begins

The build begins

When you’ve signed off on what will be delivered, our Dynamics 365 consultants will get to work to bring your documented needs to life as a working system.

Dynamics 365 - thorough testing

Thorough testing

When building is complete, we will work with you to rigorously test the system making sure it covers everything agreed and that it behaves in the way it should.

Dynamics 365 - Time to get hands on

Time to get hands on

On completion of testing, we’ll deliver a user training session, so that those who will be using it day in, day out, can see it, use and ask any questions they may have.

Dynamics 365 - over to you

Over to you

Once training is complete and data migrated, (if needed), we’ll make sure your system is in a live environment and ready for use in real time.

As part of that process, we will also provide advice on user licenses and support options to ensure you have everything you need to make your Dynamics 365 project a success.

Already know what you want?

Perhaps you already have an informed idea of what you require and that a custom approach is for you. If so please get in touch so we can start off with a chat.

Right now you’re probably full of questions, that seem really difficult to  answer:

  • How many days do I need? and how should I know that?
  • Do I need it primarily for Customer Service or Sales? What’s the difference?
  • Is there a basic CRM that I can just build on more features when I want to?
  • What’s ‘Business Central’ anyway?
  • Does this mean I’m going to have sleepless nights for the next six months?
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With our Quick-Start D365 approach you can have Dynamics 365 CRM up and running and start realising the value within your organisation in as little as 5 days! Not only that but you benefit from knowing…

What you’re going to get

What its going to cost

That you’ll get value, and quickly!
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Why Software Solved?

  • Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Around for 20+ years, solid company with great client list
  • Experts in our field
  • Competitive rates
  • Award winning
  • Ethical, moral and trustworthy

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