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Make insights effortless

Change decision making from assumption, estimation and best guesses to being back up by real data. Elevate Insights allows you to gain access to insights, trends and management information so you and your organisation can make informed decisions.

With the ability to give permission to the relevant team members gone are the days where data sits in silos and can’t be utilised.

Elevate insights
Elevate Power BI Executive summary example

Elevate insights is...

Easy to use

Dashboards are visual and easy to use. Using filters, sliders and ranges you can adapt the data to see exactly what you need then click to immerse yourself in more detail.


There’s no need to be a tech whizz with Elevate insights, we use our starting suite of dashboards and reports and work with you to ensure they are adapted and tweaked to give you exactly what you need.


Interactive reporting

Using Microsoft PowerBI we’ve developed a starting suite of dashboards and reports to give you a feel for what’s possible.

Lists, pie charts, graphs, maps and more can be used to visualise your current data and identify trends and forecasts.

Data insights for all teams

Elevate Insights ensures teams can make use of the data they need when they need it. 

Using Microsoft PowerBI, reports are cloud based making them accessible anytime, anywhere. From organisation performance to sales, customer service, clients and HR, the insight opportunities are endless.

Elevate- Power BI Sales overview example

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