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If you think that data analysis is purely for the IT team, then think again.

Elevate is the data management system designed to help SME’s and non-technical departments get to grips with their data in a way that they didn’t believe was possible.

With our package, training and support, your team will be analysing data like a pro.

You’ll be guided through the whole process, making sure that each step is made at your pace, that you are able to collate the specific reports that you need to get your job done. The approach will be methodical and consultative, enabling you to get your data in order, make insights effortless and be in a position for your company to grow, thrive and compete.

Oh, and it’s competitively priced too.

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Why is collecting data so tricky?

"It's too complex for us to make use of"

"It doesn't give us any valuable insight"

"The insights we get just aren't useful"

"People are very protective of 'their' data"

What's the solution?

Wave goodbye to assumptions, estimates and best guesses, with easy access to the right information.

Elevate Data

Step 1

Strong foundations are as important with data as they are when building a house. Elevate Data focuses on ensuring that your data foundations are strengthened by logically structuring and ordering your data.

Using a consultative approach our experts will work with you to understand your existing data and system(s) and break down the work needed into smaller steps so that value is released incrementally.

The data framework will be standardised so that both all the old data and the newly entered data will be easy to integrate using the Insights tool.



Elevate Insights

Step 2

Once your data is placed into a logical structure, you will then be able to gain access to insights, trends and management information that will enable you and your organisation to make data-driven decisions.

Elevate Insights provides you with access to a suite of standard interactive reporting templates via the Insights Dashboard. These cover; organisation performance, sales, customers, HR and finance. You will also be able to create your own reports to give even more insights so that you can make purposeful decisions.

Security : The system we use is totally secure. All data is encrypted and access is provided via comprehensive layered security with data protection.  

Elevate Support

Step 3

You shouldn’t need to be a tech whizz to make decisions from your data that’s why we’ve implemented Elevate Support. 

Onboarding: All the training you need will be provided when we complete the on-boarding process. 

Monthly support: Thereafter, a monthly support package is available, which aims to provide advice and problem solving issues.

Training: There is the option for more training should other members of the team require it.  

Ultimately, you should be confident in both the data and your abilities, so that the reports you collate prove how great you are at your job.


How does the process work ?

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Which means that you will:

Know Your Data is Secure

Encrypted technology means all your data is totally secure, much more so than that host of Excel spreadsheets you used.

Answer Questions With Assurance

Answer questions with assurance because you’ll have access to the right data. 

Forecast Confidently

Be able to forecast and predict, based on trends and or live time data.

Gain Instant Access

Have web browser access to your data in a way that makes sense and enables you to work better.

Make Great Decisions

Make great decisions based on focused, insightful and data-driven reports.

Prove How Great You Are

Show your team and your boss how fantastic you are at your job.

"We feel that the Elevate offering is exactly what a small business needs. It's easy to use, competitively priced and comes with the support of a team of experts"
Jon Stace
Jon Stace
Director Of Technology, Software Solved Ltd
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