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Scalable and flexible projects

The financial services industry is seeing massive disruption right now and is an exciting area to working in.

With cloud computing, open source and automation providing opportunities for higher cost savings, better efficiencies and increased customer engagement are leading to greater profit margins.

Fintech is being utilised to help companies, business owners, and consumers improve their financial operations, processes, and lives. Because of this, there is a palpable air of disruption hanging over the industry.

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How can we help?

We’ve been working in financial services since our inception, this sector is at the core of what we do. It’s fair to say that alot has changed over time. But with a history of working with highly regulated industries, we eagerly take on those complex, specialist projects.  

Our team of expert business analysts, project managers and developers embrace the niche and technical tasks that other software companies might be tentative about.

‘Software Solved was an exemplary partner who were essential to Tuxedo Money’s success. Working closely and responsively with our excellent technology team, they demanded and delivered to our specification. High service-oriented, and great to work with.’

Mark Simon, Former CEO Tuxedo Money Solutions

Some examples of completed projects:

The type of work we do for the financial services industry ranges from support and hosting, team augmentation to custom development and data projects.

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Maintenance and support of all the risk management systems of a global oil trading company

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Custom software development

Two factor authentication and digitalisation of paperwork for an asset management company

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A data integration project connecting clients’ ERP systems with the company’s own system

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Consultancy and training in .Net for a UK bank

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Developed a business critical project for a worldwide commodities trading company

“With our 25 years experience in this sector, we’re well equipped to provide a range of services to businesses who benefit from our flexible, innovative and consultative methods of working.”

Gareth Mapp, CRO, Software Solved

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