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Are you looking to undertake a brand new software development or a system re-write or enhancement? In order to deliver the right solution, you need to be able to define its functional and non-functional requirements in any given environment. And by the right solution, we mean the one that meets the needs of the business and delivers optimum ROI – whether custom written or off-the-shelf.

Too often the tendency is to focus on the ‘wants’ or the ‘nice to haves’ rather than the genuine needs of the business. The result is a system that does not deliver business advantage and will often not be adopted by users as the fit is simply not right.

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One of our real strengths at Software Solved is our ability to deliver the right system, on time and on budget. Right up-front we ensure the requirement and specifications are completely watertight so developers understand clearly the functionality they are expected to deliver and users are totally aware as to what system they are going to get.

Our Business Analysts, Technical Consultants and Project Managers are highly accomplished and extremely skilled in their respective areas and will work with you to plan and facilitate requirements gathering and provide you with detailed specifications and estimates as a clear output. This will enable you to proceed with confidence in your choice of development partner with clear knowledge of expected costs and timescales and an idea of budget for those ‘nice to haves’ if feasible.

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One of the elements that is crucial to the delivery of a successful IT project is to ensure it starts with the correct requirements being defined.

Our resident expert Business Analyst has shared what it takes to give your project the best possible start.

Get ahead with our free guide with our top 10 tips for successful requirements gathering. 

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Look to Software Solved to help spec out your next system development and you’re benefiting from over 20 years’ experience in designing and developing software systems of all types and the delivery of over 1000 successful projects. That’s experience worth having behind you in order to get the system you need.