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We love to celebrate success with a monthly vote. Nominations are made anonymously by the staff in appreciation and celebration of their teammate’s contributions. 

2023 Winners

Melinda Harvey, Assistant Accountant

October 2023 - Melinda Ryan

“Mel effortlessly juggles finance team leadership and has recently stepped in to help out with some urgent office duties, highlighting her exceptional adaptability. Her enthusiasm and dedication make her a crucial team asset, always going the extra mile for success.” 

Phil Letheren, Lead Test Analyst

September 2023 - Phil Letheren

“Phil consistently proves himself to be an invaluable asset to the team, offering unwavering support and contributing greatly to our collective success.” 

Maisie - meet the team

August 2023 - Maisie Kingman

“Maisie is an absolute gem; she has a great work ethic, is making positive change in everything she does and is also a great fit culturally.”

James Bellamy

July 2023 - James Bellamy

James has not only tackled a significant testing workload, but he also played a crucial role in BA work, successfully advancing client document approvals and skillfully addressing queries from both the client and project team. James demonstrated remarkable efficiency as an acting BA, impressing our clients with his expertise and motivating his team with his zeal and energy. His dual role as BA and Tester contributed immensely to project momentum, a testament to his dedication. Great work James!

Takara Ballard, Junior Project Manager

June 2023 - Takara Korkmaz

“Takara has taken managing the RSA projects, along with other clients in her stride. She manages complex projects, deals with senior external stakeholders, and works hard to improve those relationships. Internally, Takara regularly keeps the team informed on client decisions and provides support to ensure timelines are kept to. Thank you Takara, great work!”

Paul Bridel - Senior Project Manager

May 2023 - Paul Bridel

“Paul excels in managing two high-profile clients. Both these clients need a proactive and outside-the-box approach and Paul is taking all of this in his stride, on top of acting as a mentor for the PM team and helping support them with other projects. Great work Paul, thank you for all your hard work!”

Kristian Dunn, Developer

April 2023 - Kristian Dunn

“Kristian has worked super hard with our clients and acting as a tech lead to support the wider team. He has done amazing work both internally and externally, getting involved in planning events and being a great mental health first aider at work. He’s always been supportive and ready to talk if needed. Thanks Kristian for all you do!”

Matt Bell

March 2023 - Matthew Bell

“Matt is a true pleasure to work with. He is approachable, has an eye for detail, thinks out of the box and also suggests alternative ways of working and analyses deeper into an issue to maximise the benefit of a change or new implementation. On top of his day-to-day project work, he stepped up as a team leader for our charity challenge and did a fantastic job!”

Martyn Price, Support Developer

February 2023 - Martyn Price

“Martyn is doing amazing work with our support clients, ensuring their happiness. He is very patient and always willing to help explain solutions to complex problems. He recently used his CPD time to come up with an idea for a support client that they loved. This shows the customer that we understand their business and want to help them as much as possible. Great work Martyn!”

Carole Murray, Senior Business Analyst

January 2023 - Carole Murray

“Carole is methodical, hard-working and always has a smile on her face. She works fantastically with our clients, currently juggling two big projects and supporting other team members whenever they need it. Carole’s knowledge and consultative approach with clients is invaluable.” 

2022 Winners

Thomas Earl - Junior PM

December 2022 - Thomas Earl

“Tom has worked tirelessly on opportunities, keeping the momentum going with his excellent contributions in meetings. He continues to go over and above, offering a seamless experience for our clients. Great work Tom!”

Steven Quick

November 2022 - Steven Quick

“Steve works hard delivering quality work. He engages with clients professionally, living and breathing a consultative relationship showing our values in all he does. Great work Steve!”

Amy Yapp, Placement PM/BA

October 2022 - Amy Yapp

“Amy has done an amazing job at the recruitment fairs, including bringing together videos showcasing her skills and experience. She has quickly become a key member of the project management team and is an asset to Software Solved. Amy is a pleasure to work with, is always cheerful and happy to help. Keep up the great work!”

Emma Bowden, Business Support Administrator

September 2022 - Emma Bowden

“Emma is a joy to work with and personifies the company values. She did such an excellent job helping to generate extra funds for our charity of the year. She works hard and strives to make our lives as easy and fun as possible.”

Scott Heilbrunn, IT Support Technician

August 2022 - Scott Heilbrunn

“Scott shows incredible passion and authenticity in all he does. He always goes the extra mile to resolve any technical issues and has handled the rollout of the new laptops with great patience and thought. Well done Scott – great work!”

Theo Woodward

July 2022 - Theo Woodward

“Theo is positive and super helpful. He is always
willing to help his colleagues and thinks beyond the immediate issue to
consider the wider implications. He works really hard, takes everything in
his stride and manages to keep calm no matter what. We are very lucky
to have him on the team.”

Melinda Harvey, Assistant Accountant

June 2022 - Melinda Harvey

“Mel is always willing to get involved and help out! She is smiley, helpful, and a fountain of finance knowledge.”

Emma Bowden, Business Support Administrator

May 2022 - Emma Bowden

“Emma has an infectious enthusiasm and always goes the extra mile to offer team support. She is a pleasure to work with, ensuring everyone is included with her radiant positivity.”

Lizzie Bailey - Digital Marketing Executive

April 2022 - Lizzie Bailey

Lizzie works really hard in her role, is conscientious, friendly and is fantastic at being inclusive. She makes working at Software Solved a wonderful experience, she is a true Software Solver! Lizzie is also a great Mental Health First Aider. If you’re ever feeling blue, talk to Lizzie – she brightens up everyone’s day with her positivity!

Paul PM

March 2022 - Paul Bridel

Paul brings an enormous amount of positivity to the Project Management team and
embodies our company values. He is passionate, level-headed, supportive,
and honest

Kristian Dunn, Developer

February 2022 - Kristian Dunn

“One of our unsung heroes, Kristian is ‘Mr Sparkle’ and we are very fortunate to have him in the team. He is the perfect combination of knowledgeable, hard-working, understanding and really caring. He is a joy to work with and always contributes great ideas to the Mental Health First Aider team meetings. Kristian, you are a real star!”

Jodie Cann, Project Manager

January 2022 - Jodie Cann

“Jodie continues to go above and beyond, demonstrating professionalism and is a master juggler. This month she has kept multiple projects going, whilst listening, responding to the needs of the team and helping the new PM recruits settle in smoothly.”

2021 Winners

Max - Hall of Fame

January 2021

Faisal - Hall of Fame

February 2021

Chloe Thorne

March 2021

Phil Letheren - three cheers hall of fame

April 2021

Kristian-Dunn- Hall Of Fame

May 2021

Hall of Fame - Sarah Macleod

June 2021

Chris Hill, Technical Consultant - Hall of fame

July 2021

Lizzie - digital marketing executive

August 2021

Scott Jaques, Lead Support Developer

September 2021

Noah Keedle-Isack - Three Cheers Oct 2021png

October 2021

Heidi Lambert, Finance Assistant

November 2021

Jack Parsons - Three Cheers winner December - Hall of Fame 2021

December 2021

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