Three Cheers

Hall of Fame

Our Three Cheers Winners at Software Solved


We  love to celebrate success in our monthly anonymous vote called Three Cheers. The individual is nominated by the staff for their participation and their embodiment of the values. See below our array of past winners

March 2021 - Chloe Thorne


“Chloe has impressed the team with her work on Surveyortech. Her attitude is very positive and the quality of her work is always excellent. She did an incredible job with the Android development enabling us to release the app to the first of our paying customers.”

Chloe Thorne
Faisal - Hall of Fame

February 2021 - Faisal Ahmed


“In a short space of time Faisal has managed to build strong relationships with our existing clients. This is evident in the opportunities he is now in discussion about”

January 2021 Max Johnson


“Max seems to get pulled around like full washing line in high winds. Every project wants a piece to fulfil their BA needs and you would think there wouldn’t be enough to go around, yet somehow he manages to get his work done and to a very very good standard. It is a joy to work from Max’s users stories and it’s clear that he puts great thought into his work.”

Max - Hall of Fame
Jake - Hall of Fame

December 2020 - Jake Carr


“Jake has been receiving very positive feedback from HSF about his technical ability and the quality of his work with them. He is also very proactive when finding Sean work to go through with him”

November 2020 - Tom Cole


“Tom is always smiling and a pleasure to work with. He gets involved in various additional events and is always happy to volunteer himself. He is one of the first to engage with staff activities and regularly calls his peers for a chat. It is evident Tom cares about his colleagues and does a fab job of championing wellbeing at work!”



Tom - Hall of Fame
Phil - Hall of Fame

October 2020 - Phil Letheren

“Phil is doing a sterling job of managing the Process improvements and QMS functions on top of his testing obligations. He is always on top of everything that is asked of him and nothing is too much trouble.”

September 2020 - Helen Spry


“I never seem to end a conversation with Helen without having laughed at least twice. She is great at listening, thinking about what you’ve said and offering sound advice in return. She is calm, diplomatic and understanding. Keeping her teams and the companies well being in mind at all times.”

Helen - Hall of Fame
Lee- Hall of Fame

August 2020 - Lee Kempton

“As soon as you give Lee a task he’s already 100% committed to delivering a solution. The SurveyorTech portal looks & feels fantastic due to his constant efforts on it. He’s always willing to go above and beyond to get the job done and can fix bugs at unearthly speeds”

July 2020 - Cory Holman

“I have been massively impressed with Cory over the last couple of months. Every time I have come to him with an issue he has gone out of his way to ensure that it gets fixed quickly. Regardless of the complexity of the issue he always sees it through to the end.”

Cory - Hall of Fame
Jodie -Hall of Fame

June 2020 - Jodie Cann

  “Jodie is a great member of the team, delivering quality at every opportunity and always being able to laugh and keep positive when things don’t go quite as planned. She’s versatile and very much deserved her PM promotion”

May 2020 - Martin Lovell

“Martin has come on board at the company at a difficult time and been given challenging tasks and really has risen to it. From his work in Surveyor tech where he has helped form the project and product into a clear path, to his work applying for grants with innovate UK. He always comes in with a smile and a joke and tries his very best to keep things going (even when things get negative). You can tell that he has vast experience and knows what he is talking about, and his passion for what he does is very evident every time you talk to him.”
Martin - Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame - Jonathan

April 2020 - Jonathan Bellamy

“I can always see the passion that JB has for the work that he does. He always asks the prudent questions and goes above and beyond to fit in any testing work that is sent his way. I am particularly impressed with the extra effort he has been putting in to push the Green initiatives. Great work!”

February 2020 - Dan MacDuff



“He has always reached out to me and helped with problems that I’ve been stuck with. He has also helped point me in the right direction when I’ve been looking at company standards or new things to learn. He has given open invitations to group events such as football, badminton or just going for a walk at lunch. I have felt much more welcome because of Dan’s actions”

Hall of Fame - Dan
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