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Are you losing sleep over security and data sharing issues?

Concerns about security and sharing data with people throughout the company is a valid concern. Fears about data being lost in transit and being altered, or that its not understood properly so the wrong deductions are made. 

A secure platform through which to manage data with targeted and controlled access is a necessity. 

But a new platform also brings about concerns that historical data gets lost and transferring to the new platform will cause new issues. A data specialist that can be trusted and will provide support and advice is required.  Elevate, which uses Microsoft’s Power BI platform,  is the service for you.

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The Data Challenge:

Integrating data, access permissions, security, better control of data

As the IT Department, there’s alot of reliance upon you for data; requests for data, questions on the analysis that you have to respond to. 

There may well be requests to integrate multiple data lists, and setting account accesses. There can often be a level of animosity between IT and other teams over the sharing of data, with the IT team perceived as being very precious of ‘their’ data, not wanting to share it. 

There could be security concerns about how the data is currently managed, security threats are increasingly apparent and concern everyone and it is the IT’s team’s job to ensure that nothing is ever compromised.

Another challenge is around better control of in-house data, avoiding data breaches, either in-house or external is another remit of the IT team.

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The Solution:

Seamless integration, secure data, access to detailed insights, further training

Building a good relationship with a data provider that is able to understand your concerns, makes all the difference. 

With Elevate the old data can be standardised so that integration is seamless and the system will meet all requirements. All the data can be placed securely on one platform which can be accessed with just one click. Access to detailed insights is effortless, as is the ability to share with colleagues – with no security or mismanagement concerns. 

Training for all the teams is available so that everyone can analyse and understand the data that is pertinent to them. 

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The Result:

Share data with permissions, no security threats, more relaxed, better relations with the wider team

Installing Elevate means that Data can be shared with different departments, with permissions in place so that different heads of department, managers and team members can access the particular data they need without concerns of security breaches.

There are no more concerns about security threats as the system is encrypted.

Better relationships with other teams and departments can be made as the IT team are no longer being perceived as precious with ‘their’ data.

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"We feel that the Elevate offering is exactly what a small business needs. It's easy to use, competitively priced and comes with the support of a team of experts"
Jon Stace
Jon Stace
Director Of Technology, Software Solved Ltd
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