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Is producing reports the bane of your marketing life?

Improving the marketing team’s ability in drawing down the stats for the monthly reports so that they can be confident that the data is both current and accurate and the analysis is correct, is really important. With this the team’s confidence will grow, that all the data is in order and that it is trusted.

Elevate, which uses Microsoft’s Power BI platform,  provides a core suite of report pages of data that is intrinsic to the business and separates them out into different areas: these include an Executive Summary, Sales, Customer Service, Finance and HR.
With each report detailed insights can be gained from existing data – that’s data that doesn’t have to be extracted and imported, but is already there to slice and dice.
This starting suite of dashboards and reports  can be adapted and tweaked to give exactly what your team and your business needs. They are immensely useful in for identifying trends and providing forecasting information.
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The Data Challenge:

 Unlinked data that isn’t GDPR compliant, inability to track competitors


Within a marketing environment, we found that the ability to pull data from a range of sources is a real issue. The numbers of completed sales and the total of incoming revenue needed to be reviewed easily to be incorporated into the marketing stats so that it was clear if KPI’s were being met. With different departments holding this data, it’s difficult for marketing department to collate the report.

There were also concerns about the data not being accurate and possibly not being GDPR compliant. The use of spreadsheets, with different users inputting data makes the chances of manual mistakes quite high.

Having a spreadsheet with all the clients’ email preferences which had to be updated manually was a liability. Mistakes could easily happen with different versions in use and manual errors being made.


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The Solution:

Data unification, training and support

With Elevate, having a dashboard which brings all the data together, is visible to all teams and much less likely to accommodate mistakes, makes reporting much more efficient.  Bringing together the data from the departments gives a clear message to all the team members in the company, that this information is for everyone to share and to analyse as they need to. There are no other versions that can cause issues.

GDPR issues can also be addressed, knowing that each client or lead has given their preferences which are recorded here.

The training and support provided are consistently given by the same people, so strong relationships can be forged.  Training on how to use the systems and how to best analyse the data that is required by the specific department is given as part of the package costs. The ongoing monthly support that can provide assistance with any data queries can be invaluable.

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The Result:

 Improved marketing campaigns and business decisions

Installing Elevate results in the unification of data, improved working practices and knowledge of the reports system. Leading to more efficient and confident reporting, which in turn leads to improved marketing campaigns, marketing strategy and wider business decisions.

"We feel that the Elevate offering is exactly what a small business needs. It's easy to use, competitively priced and comes with the support of a team of experts"
Jon Stace
Jon Stace
Director Of Technology, Software Solved Ltd
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