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An end to multiple spreadsheets... Have everything in order

Having multiple spreadsheets and manually updating documents is not a viable option for the Ops team.  A streamlined method of reporting saves valuable time as well as being consistent and reliable. No company should be reliant on spreadsheets for their operations.

A system that provides visual reports is a really useful tool for those who need to ‘see’ the numbers; pie charts, bar charts and graphs can brilliantly demonstrate the numbers in a more engaging manner.

The ability to filter data, so that different time periods can be investigated and compared is an invaluable resource that would be impossible to produce in a spreadsheet

Elevate, which uses Microsoft’s Power BI platform,  would add value, a time saving system that enables focused decisions.

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The Data Challenge:

Data input errors, security, sharing data and comparison

Concerns around data input errors and mistakes that arise from the manual editing of spreadsheets are issues for the Ops team, along with data security concerns – who has access to what and who should have access to what.
Sharing data with other departments is an issue with spreadsheets, because of the lack of security, the possibility of multiple versions and mistakes with inputting,  but sharing is a necessity as all departments need to understand and work with the budgets allocated.
Being able to compare data from past years or months, such as looking at performance of the revenue vs the costs is imperative to informed financial planning.
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The Solution:

Dashboards, visualisations, filters, encrypted

A competitively priced solution that covers everything required. 

Elevate gives the ability to view dashboards that provide all the financial data, filtering information so that revenue vs costs are shown for different timestamps, visualisations of different maps and graphs help transfer the figures into a visual context. Using the Insights tool, old and new data is easily integrated, accessed and safe. 

The system is encrypted so that data is secure. This is data that you can trust.


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The Result:

In control, clear visualisations, focused decision making, secure sharing with other teams

The Operations team feel in control, as there are no more multiple spreadsheets giving differing information. The ability to pull visual reports showing insights and trends that feed into decision making is proving invaluable.

All of the data is in order and it can be confidently shared across the company Different teams also have a view of the revenue vs costs which makes them work within their budgets more carefully. 

There is a support package which the team have used to further their understanding of the capabilities of the system.

"We feel that the Elevate offering is exactly what a small business needs. It's easy to use, competitively priced and comes with the support of a team of experts"
Jon Stace
Jon Stace
Director Of Technology, Software Solved Ltd
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