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Any salesman worth their salt knows what their best selling products are and who their regular and best customers are. But having access to real-time data that gives this, will predict forthcoming sales and show trends over time so that users can track against their KPIs, is invaluable. It will ensure they maximise sales efforts and unlock additional growth.

Access to this data will improve decision-making, but it can be difficult to get eyes on it if the IT team don’t want to share it because of security considerations.

A system that is quick to integrate, easy to use, secure and competitively priced is required in order to really push sales, outrun competitors and grow the company. Elevate, which uses Microsoft’s Power BI platform,  is the service for you.

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The Data Challenge:

Forecasts and sales predictions, customer insights, match KPIs with targets

Challenges in this area typically derive from the sorting out of data:

Getting visualisations of the monthly sales forecast and predictions for future month’s sales. Being able to see these in a graph or pie chart make it much easier for the team to understand.

Detailed insights on customers and products in real time, data that is automated and can be trusted is another challenge, if these can be accessed then the team can start to see trends at certain times of the year or trends for certain products, and so increase revenue.

Being able to match KPIs with the revenue targets.

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The Solution:

Transparent costs, instant access, secure, access to experts

The Elevate installation costs are clearly broken down so that there are no hidden surprises. The encrypted system is secure enough to satisfy the stringent demands of the IT Manager.
A reporting tool can be created, complete with sharing capabilities that meet all of the sales teams’ requirements. Giving instant access to a realm of data such as sales broken down by product code, revenue, by product and by territory.
There are visualisations that convert data into simple pictures which are easy for all to view and analyse. This comes with access to a pool of data experts who are available to answer any questions and provide support and training.
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The Result:

Improved performance, new lead generation, informed decisions

The sales team are excited to have this system in place. With access to all the right data, they can predict and forecast confidently. Confidence in their decision making means that they are able to generate new leads, increase revenue and wallet share.

Because the system is encrypted and so secure, IT are happy too.


"We feel that the Elevate offering is exactly what a small business needs. It's easy to use, competitively priced and comes with the support of a team of experts"
Jon Stace
Jon Stace
Director Of Technology, Software Solved Ltd
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