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Get Ready for the Data Revolution
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Real-time data transforms lives. It allows people to make decisions based on reality. And it allows organisations to be more effective and efficient in everything they do.

When it comes to some of the most vital services in society – social care, education, bin collections, looking after the vulnerable – we are still not realising the true potential of data. Although a new study carried out by Software Solved highlights this very fact, I do believe we are on the verge of a real-time data revolution across local government.

We surveyed 38 unitary, city, county and district councils across England and the findings are revealing. You can get your copy of the Local Government Data Revolution Report here

The survey, as covered by media including Local Gov News shows that 92% of councils say that it is important or very important to running improved, cost-effective, services, though just 19% admit that they are effective at using their data.

And in spite of disparate IT systems, departmental silos, lack of skills and tools being seen as barriers, 95% of local authorities have started or plan to invest in data visualisation in the next 12-18 months.



Change is happening, with 97% of local authorities recognising that improved data visualisation tools will be of value to their council, yet only 19% of councils feeling that they can easily access the data they hold today.

For many years the technology simply did not exist in a format that could readily be used by non-IT experts and internal barriers, such as departmental silos or the lack of skills and tools to make a real impact, were seen as too tough to tackle.

But data visualisation tools like Microsoft Power BI are now affordable, easy to use and incredibly powerful and you no longer need to be an expert in data and the outcome can be incredibly exciting – making real-time informed decisions becomes the new reality.

Working with the right partners there is now a way to harvest existing data, set up robust data warehousing and use simple data visualisation tools so that real-time data use becomes the norm rather than the exception.

The likes of Camden Council, Lancashire County Council, Leicestershire, Doncaster, South Hams and West Devon District Councils are shaping services, shifting resources, achieving savings to move towards a more democratic, informed, accurate and cost-effective way of running public services.

Insurance Survey: Unlocking the Power of Data to Produce Actionable Insights
Insurance Survey: Unlocking the Power of Data to Produce Actionable Insights 1024 683 Anthony Peake

The team here at Software Solved love problem solving. We’re pleased to share some of our useful resources and insights with you. These have been selected based on the areas we’ve helped our clients with. We hope you find them useful and if there’s anything we can do to help you, we’d love to talk to you.

We love solving technical problems. We’re pleased to share some of our useful resources and insights from our work developing bespoke software for clients.
Insurance: Unlocking the Power of Data to Produce Actionable Insights
Data has been called the new oil, the lifeblood and a valuable currency. So, insurers are fortunate in that most have vast amounts of this most precious commodity. But, are they maximising its potential or is it too often an untapped resource?

There’s no doubt some insurers are starting to leverage the value in their data, even if an elite group is starting to pull away from the rest of the pack. However, as the rise of InsurTech shows, size is no barrier since smaller providers can prove highly effective through using with the right technology and, not least, having a forward-thinking mind-set when it comes to sharing data.

Whether or not insurance is playing a big enough role in the data revolution is a moot point. The technology now exists to connect legacy systems, while machine learning and analytics allow for transformational work to take place, with the goal for many insurers being to turn their data into actionable insights. The question is, will this remain a goal or become a reality?

Software Solved, who work with a range of large and small insurers to deliver Risk & Claims Management Systems as well as data rich Customer Portals, are seeking to better understand this crucial area and so we conducted a research project, in conjunction with Insurance Post. This involved speaking to around 60 providers, covering commercial and personal lines, and with those providing opinions including directors and professionals from various disciplines including underwriting, claims, risk management and IT.

Download this report from an in-depth analysis of the research findings.

2018 – The Year of Data Visualisation (across every department)
2018 – The Year of Data Visualisation (across every department) 1024 432 Anthony Peake

Departments across companies of every size have been screaming out for better ways to visualise the data they have into real actionable insight. However, until today, the IT teams have struggled to help each line of business to deliver their own dashboards easily. Now with advanced, yet low-cost tools like Microsoft PowerBI it has never been easier to build interactive dashboards and finally deliver timely management information that is helping companies to deliver real-time insight for Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, Operations and IT Management.

Making data more engaging, internally and externally.

At Software Solved, we are called upon by the smallest and the largest organisations to help them not only bring their data to life internally, but to also make this highly engaging data available via customer portals so their customers, resellers, partners and suppliers can build much closer and interactive relationships. It is based on this increasing demand, and the fact that these tools are becoming increasingly easy to use and cost are rapidly lowering that I predict that 2018 will be the year for Data Visualisation across every department.

In a recent survey that Software Solved undertook in the Insurance Industry, we found that 78 of insurance companies stated that sharing real-time data with customers and brokers was either Important or Very Important, and yet when asked how advanced these Insurers are today with delivering real-time data, only 22 felt they were Good or Very Good.

Increasingly, sharing real-time data internally across your Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, Operations and IT, and externally with your customers, resellers and suppliers is becoming a huge competitive edge that I believe no business will be able to afford to ignore in 2018.

So, who should be looking into Data Visualisation in your company?

Head of Finance

Finance usually get good data from their accounts systems, but have lots of departments requesting data and PowerBI would be a great tool for them to make the departments have self-service (drawing on data from multiple systems / spreadsheets)

Head of Sales

No matter which CRM system you use, sales management very rarely have good dashboards showing leads, pipeline funnels, proposals sent, targets, performance and upsell/cross-sell opportunities. Therefore, PowerBI will be a great tool for you to overlay on Salesforce, Dynamics, Sugar or whatever the CRM or sales tools

Head of Marketing

Marketing would kill to be able to demonstrate the ROI from marketing campaigns and also to control sales and ensure all their wonderful leads are properly followed up and the results into pipeline can be tracked.

They also would kill to know which campaign, to which industry, hit with which target demographic, so that in future you can target your campaigns better and manage the marketing budget more effectively. Tools like Microsoft PowerBI are ideal for this.

Head of Operations

Tracking manufacturing, stock levels, spares and workshop activities involves so many different supply chain and operations systems. The ability to get visibility across all these processes and then to deliver increased operational efficiency and greater customer service, should make Data Visualisation a must for Operations team.

Head of IT

IT not only needs dashboards for themselves, to be able to track server up-times, system patches, security vulnerabilities and roster staff, but also are key influencers in delivering systems and dashboards for every other department. Therefore, Data Visualisation should become a key tool for IT teams in every industry.

Head of HR

Tracking employee sickness, holidays, training as well as issues and advancement is key to HR management and is an ideal opportunity for using Data Visualisation. Delivering dashboards of recruitment campaigns to each line manager as well as tracking the effectiveness of university undergrad recruitment programmes and apprenticeships will deliver increased efficiency and effectiveness to the HR function and can be delivered quickly and inexpensively with tools like Microsoft PowerBI.

If you’d like to know more about Data Visualisation, and PowerBI in particular, you can find out more by  talking to us today.

Software Solved included in Government Digital Marketplace
Software Solved included in Government Digital Marketplace 150 150 Anthony Peake

The team at Software Solved are delighted to have secured inclusion in the Government’s Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework.

This means that Software Solved is one of a niche group of technology experts that can provide the public sector with a variety of IT products and services.

We are approved to provide services to government departments in two areas:

  • Digital Outcomes – such as a customer portal or case management system
  • Digital Specialist – such as a Business Analyst or Digital Transformation Architect

With strict entry criteria, it is a major accolade and testament to the outstanding work the team deliver day in and day out. With user-centred design and system integration being the drivers of digital transformation, we’re delighted to be recognised as a leader in the field.

The Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework gives the public sector access to smaller and more agile companies. Moving away from the traditional major players allows government departments to adopt innovative technology that is better fit for their needs.

And it isn’t just about new technology. We can help the public sector make the most of their legacy technology and system integration to ‘re-innovate’ existing solutions, making them fit for purpose.

The Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework is The Crown Commercial Services (CCS) key procurement framework and replaces the Digital Services 2 (DS2).

To see how Software Solved could help your organisation access new technology or maximise investment in existing systems, get in touch today.

Hard work and winning attitude: Team GB dragon joins as new MD
Hard work and winning attitude: Team GB dragon joins as new MD 150 150 Anthony Peake

Hello and thanks for reading my blog. I am delighted to be Managing Director here at MSM Software Solved. It is an exceptional software development business with a superb client base and I can’t wait to get stuck in.

A bit about me: who is Anthony Peake?

Let’s start with the business end. I come to MSM Software Solved with 30 years IT industry experience developed at blue-chip organisations such as Oracle, BT, GE and Apple. I am driven by helping organisations of all sizes achieve their strategic vision through creativity and exceptional results. For my new clients here at MSM Software Solved, this experience brings a commitment to delivering innovative and high quality software solutions that not only meet your business demands but are also easy and intuitive to use. And my commitment to organisations for long periods is proven by the stability of relationships and operational excellence I have brought to them.

I have a proven track record of committing to the organisations and clients for long periods to ensure stability of our relationships and excellence of delivery of my teams, and I am pleased to bring that commitment and stability to MSM Software solved.

I am lucky that work has taken me across the UK, EMEA, US and Asia but I have now firmly settled here in the South West with easy access to London. Prior to my appointment at MSM Software Solved, I was Marketing Director and Board Member of Goss Interactive, a multi-award winning website provider and digital transformation consultancy. With digital transformation being a key goal for many clients at the moment, I welcome you to utilise my experience whenever you wish.

Why not link in with me and find out more about my background.

A bit about me: what’s a Team GB dragon?

You may hear me talk about this so I thought best to mention it at the outset. My passion outside of work is dragon boat racing and I’m ecstatic to have been selected for the Great Britain Dragon Boat squad to race in the European Championships 2016 in Rome in July.

I have been undertaking extensive water and land based training as part of the British National Training Squad and the perseverance has certainly paid off. I apply the same commitment and focus to everything I do so I’m more than confident that I’ll fit in very well with the exceptional team at MSM Software Solved.

My goals for MSM Software Solved: mobile, cloud and data

My approach to leadership is practical and down-to-earth so it’s important to share my vision with you. The objectives I have for MSM Software Solved are intrinsically connected to those of our clients. I firmly believe that with excellent client relationships and the continuous delivery of outstanding software solutions, we can work together on innovative mobile, cloud and data solutions to help achieve your growth plans as well as ours.

Specifically I will be focussing on expanding our team and can already confirm that recruitment is in progress to ensure that the quality and service can continue to remain at the high level you have come to expect from the team in the past.

I will be looking to further consolidate MSM Software Solved’s position as a leader in the fields of bespoke mobile, cloud and data software solutions. Part of this will of course include more exciting award wins. That can only happen with the opportunities you provide and I’m thrilled to be a part of these joint accolades. If you haven’t seen it, do read about the latest Insurance Software Award win.

To close, I hope you’ve found this introduction interesting and a little bit intriguing enough to start a conversation. This is an exciting time for MSM Software Solved and I’m looking forward to working with my team and our clients on innovative software projects.