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Customers demand ever greater levels of service and accessibility and nowhere more so than in the insurance industry. It is ripe for transformation, with technologies like analytics and artificial intelligence enabling innovative products and new ways of working.

Our systems have won awards in the industry and we are experts in delivering digital risk management, claims management, policy management and customer portals that give our customers real competitive edge and an enhanced customer experience.

In fact, one of our risk management solutions was recently described by users as “the best in the industry”.

Whatever your specialist insurance system needs call us today on 01392 453344 or contact us here.

Data revolution

How Software Solved can help

Software Solved works with leading insurers to develop smart, intelligent systems that transform service delivery and radically improve the customer experience.

Customer portals

Create customer portals and mobile access to give customers real-time information about the business they do with you. We help you extract data from your legacy systems and deliver it through highly engaging customer portals.

Risk management

We help you harness better data to benchmark your risk and let customers manage theirs. Benefit from a risk management solutions that enables more accurate premiums, reduced loss ratios and increased customer loyalty.

Claims management

We deliver solutions to speed up the claims processing, helping you reduce costs and provision against eventual pay-outs, and enabling customers to plan better for business continuity.

Policy and document management

Simplify business for your customers with policy and document management systems that automatically generate document tailored to each customer’s policy.

Data visualisation

Unlock the data in disparate systems and turn it into clear, actionable insight for improved decision-making and better customer service.


Overcome the challenge of integrating legacy systems and data that’s holding back digital insurance.

Who we work with

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Case study | RSA Insurance

We helped RSA radically improve customer experience, with an award-winning risk management system and game-changing customer portal

Case study | HSF Healthcare

We helped HSF to offer customers far better access and control over their policies

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