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Our Insurance Practice

Software Solved provides digital transformation solutions to the insurance industry. We’ve been doing this for over 20 years and work with a number of leading UK and Global Insurers.

Our sweet spot is creating smart digital solutions for Insurance businesses, particularly within Risk Management, Underwriting and Distribution functions.

We’ve been particularly successful in Risk Surveying having developed applications, data visualisation solutions and customer portals for three top 10 Global Insurance businesses.

Software Solved Solutions and Consulting


Our solutions provide a real time view of risk enabling better, faster decision making.

We can provide custom Risk Engineering Applications, Customer Portals, Apps and Business Intelligence solutions.

Need to integrate your risk management solutions with claims, data and underwriting systems? No problem.

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We help underwriters visualise data quickly to facilitate better decision making and enhance portfolio management.

If you have legacy systems, no problem. We can help with their management, integration and future development.

We also provide solutions to improve the broker and customer experience such as Customer Portals, Apps and Online chat.

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We can provide a range of solutions to help Distribution teams manage sales performance and improve customer experience such as customer portals, mobile apps, online chat, custom reports and customer analytics.

If you need access to data from other departments within your business we can help too with our system integration and data visualisation solutions.

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Our solutions help insurance businesses to get access to data quickly.

Whether you need data from legacy systems, a better visualisation tool or a data warehouse we can help.

As Microsoft Partners we are experts in Power BI but equally adept in other applications.

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If you have a major project on the go or just need some help on a new project we can help.

We provide a range of solutions from providing access to our development resource, building Xamarin apps, integrating systems, managing legacy systems to full system audits.

Whether you have a small or large project we’d love to help.

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We are working on a number of areas of innovation including:

• Machine Learning and AI
• Predictive Analytics
• Automated Data Entry
• Robotic Process Automation

If you’re working on similar projects and need some help we’d love to hear from you.

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The Insurance Practice Team

Insurance Practice Lead
Rob Faulkner
Senior Project Manager
Josie Walledge
Lead Technical Consultant
Andrew Page
Project Manager
Sarah Macleod
Head of Delivery
Alan McCoy
Test and QA Manager
Helen Spry
Head of Customer Experience
Becky Gaywood
Principal Technical Consultant
Jon Stace
Lead Business Analyst
Graham Douglas

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How We Work

We are ISO 9001:2015 – what does this mean for you?

ISO 9001:2015 clearly demonstrates our commitment towards continuous improvements with our internal processes to assure quality, efficiency and overall customer satisfaction.

What this means for our clients is our dedication to provide improved quality and service, on time delivery, and a right first-time approach throughout our project delivery.

Our skill sets

Web Based

Non-Web Based

Data & Machine Learning

.NET Windows Forms
SQL Server

Case Studies

RSA Insurance

We helped RSA radically improve customer experience, with an award-winning risk management system and game-changing customer portal

HSF Health Plan

HSF Healthcare

We helped HSF to offer customers far better access and control over their policies

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Machine Learning
Machine Learning in Insurance Risk Prediction – the First Six Months
Machine Learning in Insurance Risk Prediction – the First Six Months 987 423 Aneeq Rehman

We are now over six months into our Innovate UK Machine Learning project in association with the University of Plymouth. In addition to making good progress; we’re also discovering the innovative ways that research and investment in AI and machine Learning will be beneficial to the future of the insurance industry. During the first three…

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Build v Buy
Build or buy? The data software systems debate.
Build or buy? The data software systems debate. 1024 683 Jon Stace

The decision has been taken to update your software system (never one to be taken lightly). The requirements are done and the spec is written. What next? Now one of the toughest decisions you face is whether to build or buy your system! This is a contested topic often full of complicated jargon and contradicting…

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Plymouth University Big Data Course
No small talk for big data: Software Solved spend time with Amazon scientist at Plymouth University
No small talk for big data: Software Solved spend time with Amazon scientist at Plymouth University 629 437 Aneeq Rehman

If you want to learn about how machine learning is being applied in the business world, e-commerce giant Amazon is a good place to start. Software Solved’s Aneeq ur Rehman spent a week with big data experts including Amazon’s Dr Zhenwen Dai at a course at Plymouth University. Supported by the Environmental Futures of Big…

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Innovate UK Machine Learning Project Team
Living the dream with Eric Clapton, ice-cream and machine learning…
Living the dream with Eric Clapton, ice-cream and machine learning… 1024 680 Jon Stace

So, what are the best collaborations in history? Eric Clapton lends a mighty ‘slow’ hand to The Beatles’ While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield shared a passion for the frozen stuff before going into business together. Today they are worth an estimated $150m, each. And I’m not even going to mention…

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Get Ready for the Data Revolution
Get Ready for the Data Revolution 150 150 zoe.gill

Real-time data transforms lives. It allows people to make decisions based on reality. And it allows organisations to be more effective and efficient in everything they do. When it comes to some of the most vital services in society – social care, education, bin collections, looking after the vulnerable – we are still not realising…

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Insurance Survey: Unlocking the Power of Data to Produce Actionable Insights
Insurance Survey: Unlocking the Power of Data to Produce Actionable Insights 1024 683 zoe.gill

The team here at Software Solved love problem solving. We’re pleased to share some of our useful resources and insights with you. These have been selected based on the areas we’ve helped our clients with. We hope you find them useful and if there’s anything we can do to help you, we’d love to talk…

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