Business Applications Support

Support packages to reduce business disruption from outdated applications

An extension of your team scaled to meet your needs

If your business is suffering due to a legacy system that is unsupported, difficult to use or constantly failing and causing downtime, the time to act is now.

Software Solved experts have supported small and large organisations for over 20 years. We’ll take the burden off overstretched IT teams and provide a cost-effective means to reducing down time and achieving your business goals.

With a passion for quality, we make sure your business applications, software and data are truly supported, integrated and brought up to date to give you back your competitive edge.

Emergency or planned, call us today on 01392 453344 or contact us here and we’ll get your applications back on track.


How Software Solved can help

Software Solved are experts in getting under the skin of your system to identify problem areas, address the issues you face and put you on track towards greater profits.

Software and data healthchecks

Comprehensive audit of your systems to identify where your business is suffering from failing software.

Clear roadmaps to achieve your digital vision

Your partner going forward to help you toward a truly digital organisation.

Dedicated support team

Your expert partner on hand to understand and maintain your system and minimise disruption.

Who we work with

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Build or buy? The data software systems debate.
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Why a Software System Health Check?
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