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The insurance software industry is undergoing a digital transformation. More than ever, insurers need to adapt and ensure they are ahead of the curve. Insurance software solutions should be utilising the big data available and turning that into insights which create value for both underwriters and policyholders.

Our experience dates back over 20 years, we’ve worked with a host of household names, leading UK and global insurers. 

Can you afford to be un-prepared for the digital revolution? 

We’re creating smart digital solutions within risk management, underwriting, distribution, and risk surveying for five of the top 10 global insurers.

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Insurance software and innovation

Building fully-integrated insurance software systems and data solutions for the insurance sector is one of our specialties. With our vast experience we understand the nuances and legislation that governs the industry. 

We have the technical expertise to build solutions that are both user friendly and market leading. All solutions are custom-made to fit your business needs. Giving you peace of mind that they’ll be fully accessible via desktop, tablet and mobile devices – including apps.

Full integration with other applications such as data warehouses and online chat ensure for smooth and seamless operation from start to finish.

Software Solved are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified, but what does this mean for you? The ISO certification demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvements with our internal processes to assure quality, efficiency and overall customer satisfaction.

Read some of our insurance practice frequently asked questions here.

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Our solutions provide a real time view of risk enabling better, faster and more accurate decision making..

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Help underwriters visualise data quickly facilitating better decision making and enhance portfolio management.

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Help distribution teams manage sales performance and improve customer experience.

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Our solutions help insurance businesses to get access to data quickly.

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Giving you the additional resource you need for major projects or extra support.

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We are working on a number of innovative projects including machine learning & AI.

What is insurance software?

Insurance software is the software used within the insurance industry that integrates a variety of digital tools in order to help insurance providers improve performance. Insurance providers use software to get the best insights into their chosen markets or gain competitive advantage with regards to risk analysis, data management and service provision. Software can include predictive analytics and various forms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and help consolidate multiple information systems. Software Solved has developed innovative custom insurance software solutions over the last 20 years that utilises the data available and turns that into insights which create value for both underwriters and policyholders.  

What is risk management software?

Risk management software is software using data to analyse and make educated predictions of potential risks. This can be done via software which will gather and analyse the data from a wide range of sources, in a fraction of the time it would take a human. Today, machine learning and artificial intelligence are often used in risk management software.

How much does insurance software cost?

Insurance software costs can vary depending upon specification. For off the shelf software, fees are often charged on a subscription basis meaning that they will become an ongoing business cost. For bespoke insurance software development, costs depend on the exact specifications of the software needed by the company. Previous case studies have seen clients of Software Solved an annual saving of up to 91%, allowing businesses to increase their software agility while reducing overall cost. Get in touch with Software Solved to discuss your requirements.

What is a CRM in insurance?

A CRM (customer relationship management) system in insurance is a digital platform used to manage customer interactions using various strategies, tools and methods.

In relation to insurance, CRM can be used to increase understanding of potential and existing customers, allowing providers to create a unique service for the individual’s situation by recording, analysing and interpreting data from people’s behaviour patterns and preferences throughout the customer journey.

What is underwriting software used for?

Underwriting software is used for processes that convert prospects into customers, while managing risks and adhering to corporate and regulatory requirements. This allows businesses to optimise and streamline the customer onboarding process thereby benefiting both the insurer and customer experience.

Insurance sector case study

How we  worked with RSA to integrate their outdated systems into a secure system accessed via desktop or mobile.

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