Expert solutions for insurance distribution teams

Back office solutions for the insurance industry

Sales CRM for insurance

We can provide a range of solutions to help distribution teams better manage sales performance and improve customer experience such as customer portals, mobile apps, online chat, custom reports and customer analytics.

If you need access to data from other departments within your business we can use our experience of systems integration and data visualisation solutions to make this happen.

We are also working on a number of Machine Learning, AI and Predictive Analytics solutions that help insurers analyse and predict their account performance drawing on insight from a range of internal and external data sources

Custom Insurance Solutions Distribution

A real time database that stores all of the risk information collected by risk consultants (internal and contractor)

Management of workflow and risk improvement diary

Automated risk recommendations, scoring, notifications and triggering of client reminders.

Integration with other applications such as other custom risk consulting modules, underwriting and data systems

We have lots of experience managing the integration with different systems. We can integrate with; other applications such as underwriting or data systems, internal and external data sources to enrich risk consulting data.

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