Expert solutions for insurance distribution teams

Distribution tech solutions for the insurance industry

Sales CRM for insurance

We can provide a range of solutions to help distribution teams better manage sales performance and improve customer experience such as customer portals, mobile apps, online chat, custom reports and customer analytics.

If you need access to data from other departments within your business we can use our experience of systems integration and data visualisation solutions to make this happen.

We are also working on a number of Machine Learning, AI and Predictive Analytics solutions that help insurers analyse and predict their account performance drawing on insight from a range of internal and external data sources

Custom Insurance Solutions Distribution
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Customer Portals

Provide clients with access to key documents such as policy wordings, certificates, schedules and claims forms.

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Customer Apps

Most clients expect their providers to offer some form of app, we can develop complex systems which include quote and buy, policy management, document management, and risk improvement monitoring and reporting.

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Data Visualisation

It can often be difficult to access and pull together data from different departments. We can help develop dashboards and business intelligence reports so you can gain a clearer view.

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Data Warehousing

We can provide lightning fast data warehousing solutions with Microsoft Azure on even the most complex insurance data workloads.

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Systems Integration

Do you need a single data view across other functions to help with your underwriting decisions? We can help by providing consulting and developing interfaces for use with different suppliers and systems.

Find out how machine learning can be applied in insurance risk management. It’s a fascinating topic, with huge implications in the future of many industries but more specifically insurance. How will risk management be affected? Is your business ready to harness the power of machine learning? 


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