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Risk Consulting Software

What is Risk Consulting Software?

To us, it means software that can capture, manage and visualise data, and being able to present that information to your stakeholders to help visualise and mitigate risk. 

Are you satisfied that your current solution does this both efficiently and effectively? 

Are you presenting them with a real time view of risk enabling faster, better decision making and so reducing risk exposure?

With one risk consulting client reporting a 1000% return on investment directly attributable to the implementation of an enterprise-quality risk consulting solution, how can you similarly benefit?

As an Insurance Software Practice, we know your risk management system is of prime significance; our team have found that getting rid of those legacy systems and making it easy to access for many disparate users are the key considerations clients have when choosing our service.

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Why us?

Design, Develop, Deliver….

The art of the possible. Discover what options are available and how you can turn them to your advantage?

We have been developing leading Risk Consulting applications for over a decade and have delivered solutions to four top ten Global insurers.

As a team, we are excellent at understanding complex insurance software requirements, especially when it comes to risk consulting.

But we don’t just rely on knowledge gained from working within the industry for so long, we employ a Chartered Institute Practitioner who is able to talk your language and help ensure no requirements are lost in translation, thus saving you time and money.

As for terminology, all of our team are well versed in the process of Risk Consulting and key insurance terms, which means that when partnering with us, you don’t have to spend time educating, we can just get working.

We can either run your whole software development project for you or work as an extension to your existing IT and project team.

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Our Process Explained

Our whole mantra is to help Insurance organisations deliver a risk consulting solution that is on time and on budget

Do you need help working out your requirements?

If you have a legacy system that needs re-developing or enhancing or you are starting from a relatively low base then developing requirements that meet the needs of a modern, digital led Risk Consulting Practice can be a challenge.

Don’t worry, our expert team can help by specifying and writing your requirements with you, so you can build a system that meets both your budget and the needs of your business.

Our team have both the insurance knowledge and over a decade of experience developing some of the leading Risk Consulting systems in the market.

We can help in a few ways:

  • Not every legacy system needs redeveloping completely. A Systems Health check will help you to appraise your current software and data systems and provide a plan for modernisation or redevelopment.
  • We can attend technical workshops with your team to help review documents, and understand your processes and key objectives that can be used to help write your requirements

What we can do

Our Custom Risk Consulting proposition covers a range of different solutions, that can be developed in isolation or together.  We can also develop solutions that integrate with your existing systems and workflow. Whilst all of our Risk Consulting solutions are custom built, a solution will typically include one or more of the following:

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Back Office Systems

Desktop or mobile accessible app:

  • A real time database that stores risk information collected by risk consultants
  • Management of workflow and risk improvement diary
  • Automated risk recommendations, scoring, notifications and triggering of client reminders
  • Integration with other applications e.g. custom risk consulting modules, underwriting and data systems
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Data Analytics

Risk consulting dashboards at both client and portfolio level include:

  • Risk Scoring and profiling
  • Portfolio benchmarking
  • Risk Improvement position e.g. updates, outstanding, overdue
  • ‘What If’ reporting e.g. predicting the impact of risk improvements and cost benefit analysis
  • Integration with internal and external data sources to enrich risk consulting data and decision making
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Client Portals

Desktop and mobile optimised client portal  allowing customers to view and manage their risk data across multiple locations in real time; improving decision making and implementation of loss control measures.

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Data Capture

Capture risk data and record risk improvements via a mobile device or desktop, to be made available on or offline.

Data can be structured into tailored reports that can be integrated with your existing workflow.

Our remote surveying solution enables a risk consultant to survey via a video call within a secure portal.

All reports can be enriched with:

  • Video
  • Flat or 360° images (including drone imagery) that can be annotated and linked together for a virtual walkthrough
  • Floorplan images that can link to sections of your report and annotated.
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Self Assessments

Self-assessment client questionnaires:

  • Capture risk management data across your portfolio
  • Automate risk data capture data direct from the client
  • Auto suggest risk improvements following data capture or flag issues with your risk consulting team
  • Develop an audit trail of data capture – submitted and outstanding
  • Integrate with your risk consulting system and workflow
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Software Integration

Our experienced team have managed integrations with a range of different systems. We can integrate with:
  • Other applications such as underwriting or data systems
  • Internal and external data sources to enrich risk consulting data
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How it works: Scenarios for customised implementation

icon Flexible resourcing

Client A

Wanted a full customer portal that all stakeholders could access both on and offline. They wanted ongoing support from the team.

icon Flexible resourcing

Client B

Has recently developed a full back office system but need to implement and integrate a remote surveying solution for their risk consultants. They want to keep the support in-house, so Software Solved provide training workshops to their tech team.

icon Flexible resourcing

Client C

Only employs outmoded software that desperately needs updating, they require a health check on their existing applications to transform their legacy software to something that works efficiently for all stakeholders. After delivering the project, Software Solved provide full tech support and maintenance.

icon Flexible resourcing

Client D

Needs to provide self-assessments to their brokers which will be accessed via portal and includes data capture. There’s a requirement for some software integration also.

Insurance sector case studies

QBE European Operations are a top ten UK insurer. They replaced their paper, Excel and Word-based risk engineering survey approach with a brand new enterprise-quality solution.

Read our case study on how we  worked with RSA to integrate their outdated systems into a secure system accessed via desktop or mobile.

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