Enabling risk consultants to capture risk like never before

Risk consulting solutions for insurance

Enable better, faster decision making

We can provide custom risk consulting applications, customer portal apps and business intelligence solutions. Risk consultants love our new SurveyorTech tool.

Do you need to integrate your risk management solutions with claims, data and underwriting systems? No problem, our in-house experts have the capabilities and experience to deliver seamlessly integrated insurance software solutions.

Custom Insurance Solutions Risk

Fully integrated and data driven

Risk consultants can capture clients risk data and suggest risk improvements via their mobile device or desktop.

The data capture can be available online or offline with automatic synchronisation with the back office and workflow.

Flexibility to develop new or bespoke data capture templates.

Integration with the risk consulting workflow.

We have a vast experience managing integration of new and existing systems. We can integrate with other applications (such as underwriting or data systems), internal and external data sources to enrich risk consulting data. We also have a range of products within SurveyorTech that can be integrated with new or existing risk consulting software via our API’s.

Learn more about How to identify your Insurance Technology Software Requirements & Specifications Webinar from Software Solved. 

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