Minimising risk, cost and impact…

Our approach to updating your legacy systems

Legacy systems

Are you operating legacy systems and encountering business critical issues?

Has that tipping point just occurred and now you really need to do something about it?

We’ve helped countless number of companies and organisations update their systems.

With issues deriving from functionality, architecture and technology, the move to update needs to be business driven and methodical whilst reducing your exposure to risk and minimising the cost and impact to the company.

Legacy systems

Top reasons for updating legacy systems; which one is you?

We have legacy systems that need attention...

but don't want to spend millions to rip and replace

We're looking to update on an incremental basis...

as we want to provide business value at each step

The tech our systems use is outdated...

and we're concerned about its reliability

What's the problem?

  • Struggling to access data?
  • Unable to integrate with new systems and tech?
  • Inefficient processes?
  • Unstable systems?
  • Worried about increased security risks?
  • Lack of system knowledge in the business?

Many of these issues will be familiar. With digital transformation in the ascendance, there is an urgent need to modernise systems; legacy systems are forming an obstacle to the performance of some businesses; initiatives and processes that can’t be executed because the system is too outdated. 

The existing systems weren’t designed for the new services and applications we want to use them for.

What's the answer?

So, do you rip out the system and start again? It sounds inviting.  It’s not. It’s:

  • Risky
  • Expensive

Unfortunately modernisation isn’t a ‘one size fits all’;  there are a host of approaches dependent upon architecture, tech and functionality, such as rehost, re-platform or replace, which will determine the approach taken, and each with different risk, effects, costs and problems.

Instead, time needs to be spent choosing the right solution for your business; building a roadmap that your leadership team all have a say in, by understanding what problem is being addressed a specific and appropriate solution can be provided.

Our Approach:

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icon process

Design & Develop

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Deploy and Review

icon investment


Rather than ripping out all the architecture and starting again, we suggest a business driven approach, methodical and incremental approach. Identifying what needs to be addressed by looking at what is currently important for the business.

By using an incremental approach it also means value is released to the business much more quickly and on a regular basis. By implementing changes in this manner, enabling you to still maintain and work with your existing platforms, it solves the problem whilst minimising the risk, cost and impact on the company.

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