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Turn your data into opportunities

Turn your data into opportunities

Drive better business decisions by analysing your data

Could your organisation benefit from bringing together data from multiple sources and systems making them accessible through one easy-to-use interface?

The Software Solved team are able to help you to transform your company’s data into rich visuals. From these visuals you’ll be able to collect valuable insights. Enabling you to focus your energy, spot trends in real time and make your business more profitable and efficient.

Microsoft Power BI is a solution that can be used across your entire organisation. Data visualisation has never been so easy, giving you the confidence to transform, analyse and visualise your data.

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Microsoft Power BI Data Visualisation

Our resident experts, Tom Rooks and Jon Stace discuss the pro’s and con’s of Microsoft Power BI and also demonstrate the software in action.

Advantages of Power BI

Business outcomes should be driven by insights. Microsoft Power BI has many advantages, ultimately giving you the ability to turn insights into actions, across organisations of all sizes.

It’s an incredibly powerful tool which enables users with very little expertise to get started easily and producing engaging visualisation straight away.

  • Low cost to start
  • Build simple reports quickly
  • Integrates with hundreds of different data sources
  • Intuitive and powerful visualisations
  • Readily and easily accessible across numerous devices
  • Frequent, user-driven upgrades and updates

Watch the below video to see a snippet from a previous webinar, where our experts discuss the pro’s and con’s of Microsoft Power BI and provide a live demonstration of how to use Power BI.

Do you want to know how to get started with Power BI or want to know how this tool can work as part of the bigger picture of your data management? Get in contact with a member of our team today to find out more.

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