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CASE STUDY | BearingNet

Creating a scalable IT Team

BearingNet are a bearing distributor network that provides companies access to inventories around the world whilst connecting them to other like-minded Bearing distributors.



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The Challenge

Since the company started in 1995, their central system has evolved and gained many layers, so modernising it was a complex and important project.

To address this BearingNet wanted to be able to scale their in-house IT team on a project by project basis, adding additional skills and experience that complimented those they already had. This solution also needed to provide cover when the existing team were out of contact.

The Solution

Initially Software Solved worked with BearingNet to provide ad-hoc support to help identify reasons for system errors so they could then be fixed internally. In 2019, Software Solved moved to a flexible resourcing model which provides BearingNet with a set number of days per week to use as they need to support key projects.

The move to a flexible resourcing model allowed BearingNet to both increase their team size and add a more diverse set of skills and experience. Having access to this additional experience has supported BearingNet to ensure that system architecture, best practices and knowledge are adopted.

Through providing consultancy and development Software Solved have become an integral part of their IT team and system developments. The current project is focused on modernising the existing code from .NET to MVC which sees the site becoming easier to maintain with clearer code that also opens the door to explore newer technologies to further enhance the system in the future.

"Software Solved provide us with flexibility and reassurance to continually deliver improvements to our systems. With access to highly skilled technical consultants and developers that compliment our own team we gain advice on best practice and approaches whilst also having additional resource to help us develop and deliver projects to continually improve our systems."

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The Outcome

By working with Software Solved, BearingNet have…

  • Gained access to additional experience and knowledge that helps ensure best practices are adopted and new ideas can be sense checked.
  • Strengthened their own business continuity knowing that if in-house IT resource is not available Software Solved are on hand.
  • Freed up their Technical Director to focus his time on developing the organisation’s IT strategy instead of all time being spent on coding.

"Working with Software Solved on a flexible resourcing basis helps us focus our minds and continually plan for the next project to ensure our systems evolve in line with technology and best practice. With additional expertise guaranteed each week this advance planning helps make the relationship as effective as possible."


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