Written on 28th June 2021 - 2 minutes

CASE STUDY | Higgs International Publishing Logistics

Getting the news to where it’s needed

A subsidiary of logistics giant DHL, Higgs International provides logistics management for a wide range of printed publications, including The Sunday Times and the Spectator.

Its logistics management system is responsible for getting newspapers and magazines on to UK and international newsstands in time to meet the expectations of readers and subscribers.

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Higgs International Publishing Logistics

The Challenge

An ageing logistics management system.

Higgs was relying on a legacy logistics management system to get its clients’ publications distributed.

When it parted from its support partner, the company turned to Software Solved to audit this business-critical system and ensure it continued to run smoothly.

Breathing new life into a business-critical logistics management system

The Solution

Software Solved was quickly able to get to grips with Higgs’ custom-built system and identify opportunities to extend and update its functionality – keeping it future-proof.

We also introduced a better service level agreement to stabilise and support the system, to ensure it continued to keep deliveries on time.


The Outcome

Impressed with our expertise, Higgs asked us to develop new functionality for the application, to meet changing client needs. Previously they had not felt confident enough to make this move.

The result is a system that remains reliable, up to date and able to meet the needs of a high-pressure, time-critical industry.


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