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Written on 16th June 2021 - 2 minutes

CASE STUDY | HSF Healthcare

Putting the flexibility back into flexible healthcare

HSF provides a large number of health benefits to its customers in a variety of low-cost health schemes for all the family. Their goal is to uphold the ideals of HSF health plan’s founders and share its surplus by donating money to medical charities, hospitals, hospices and to some individuals whose ill health or disability has caused difficulties.

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HSF Healthcare

HSF Customer account systems

The Challenge

Customer account systems no longer fit for purpose.

The key to providing affordable healthcare is making customer access to their accounts simple and easy. It had become clear to HSF that their previous system was no longer fit for purpose offering only 9 to 5, phone-based administration.When they asked Software Solved to help we were faced with a two-fold challenge: help HSF to increase customer satisfaction while reducing the admin burden on staff. In addition, our own ideal is that our bespoke software systems should always enable our client businesses to stand out from their competitors. That’s exactly what the MyPolicy system now does for HSF.

HSF My Policy Software

Giving customers easy account access and control from any device

The Solution

We began with a series of workshops involving key stakeholders from HSF and created new user journeys and crafted them into a prototype system that demonstrated the look, feel and functionality.

From there an innovative software solution was born; MyPolicy. Now HSF’s customers have the freedom and control to manage their healthcare plans at any time and from any device.

HSF Case Study
HSF Case Study Software Solved

The Outcome

Now that HSF customers have full control over their healthcare accounts they benefit from a clear view of their balance and claims. It puts HSF on a clear path to enter new markets bringing affordable healthcare to a broader audience.

The next step was to create an API that allows HSF’s Salesforce environment to send and retrieve data about HSF groups for their sales team. And there’s more to come. Watch this space.


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