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CASE STUDY | RSA Insurance

300 years of insurance experience

RSA provides peace of mind to individuals and protects small businesses and large corporations from uncertainty. With 300 years of experience driving it forward, the company continuously modernises to meet changing customer needs.

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RSA Red Application

The Challenge

Outdated desktop systems causing delays.

We initially worked with RSA to integrate these disparate systems via a secure, web-based risk analytics system that all stakeholders can access and update from desktop or mobile.

The resulting RSAred application gave the firm’s underwriters a real-time view of risk, enabling faster, better decision-making.

RSA Software Systems

Driving sound decisions with a single view of risk, accessible from any mobile device

The Next Step

Delighted with our work on the RSAred, RSA asked Software Solved if we could augment it with a client portal.

We developed a secure, mobile-accessible portal that enables brokers and customers to understand, benchmark and manage property and casualty risk in real time.

RSA Case Study
RSA Software Solved case study

The Outcome

RSA’s risk managers can now work on the go, wherever they are.  Corporate clients can view detailed, up to the minute risk information via RSA’s customer portal, enabling them to make faster decisions on matters that reduce their risk exposure.

Results like these saw the application win the Insurance Software Award at the 2016 Commercial Insurance Awards.

Find out more

Find out more about our award-winning client risk portal RSAred, below.

RSAred Customer Portal demonstration video by RSA.


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