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Web application development improves member registration

Software Solved developed a website that allowed member registration details to be automatically transferred to an existing system so the RSPB could speed up processing new membership applications. This also meant reduced inaccuracies and both time and money saved in administration costs.

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Website and Data Integration Case Study

The Challenge

The RSPB has over a million members of all ages, as well as a dedicated team of 13,000 volunteers. Whilst income from membership now accounts for over 30% of the RSPBs income, the charity was still using a paper-based system for handling new membership applications. Membership forms had to be put on their system by hand, which took up valuable time and resulted in inaccuracies.

The Solution

We developed a user-friendly website for RSPB that would work with their existing membership system. This means that new members register their own details on the website which adds them to the back-end database and automatically transfers their details into the existing system.

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The Outcome

By cutting out the need to manually add details to the membership system, the RSPB has reduced the time needed to process applications. It has also reduced inaccuracies and made things easier for the volunteer who gives up their time to help out. At the time of the project, income from memberships increased by 7% to £45.6m. Time spent inputting data can be incredibly time consuming.


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