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CASE STUDY | Save The Children

Helping children receive treatment in remote areas

Save the Children is a UK-based charity working globally to improve the lives and wellbeing of children.

One approach the charity uses is Community Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM); a methodology for treating acute malnutrition in young children using a case-finding and triage approach.

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Save The Children

Save the children charity software case study

The Challenge

Streamline data collection on treatment outcomes.

Save the Children collects data on treatment outcomes globally, to drive decisions about which treatments to offer children through the Community Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) program.

It was receiving data in a variety of digital and paper formats, creating a heavy and complex data entry workload. The charity asked us to build a digital solution that would streamline the process, work anywhere in the world, and be easier to implement in areas with intermittent connectivity.

Save the children systems software case study

Saving lives with timely data-gathering on any device in any part of the world

The Solution

We created CMAM Report, an easy-to-use app that works on any device, anywhere in the world. Using HTML5, we were able to eliminate hardware requirements, reduce demands on IT and enable more people to be able to use it.

Mindful of the limited internet connectivity in remote locations, we designed the app to work even when offline, automatically syncing data when the device re-connects to the internet.

Save the children offine app software solved
Save the children Software Solved case study

The Outcome

Save the Children can now compare data on the success of treatments between countries and agencies at any level. The app visualises outcome data in real time, allowing improvements to treatment options to be implemented quickly – saving precious lives.

Within a month of launch, CMAM Report was being used by nine agencies, with a further 30 expressing an interest.


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