Written on 28th June 2021 - 2 minutes

CASE STUDY | Westbury Street Holdings

Creating a web application to be used anytime and any place

WSH is the parent company for a number of leading brands operating in the food services and hospitality sectors.

They care passionately about their food, service, people and clients.

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Westbury Street Holdings

WSH custom retail software

The Challenge

The WSH Evolution web application which allows users at external locations to manage and record invoice information, details of cash, stock transfers was running on old technology, expensive to support and prone to regressions.

The business needs of WSH had also changed to the point where limitations in Evolution were dictating business workflows rather than the other way around.

Westbury Street Holdings Food and Hospitality Software

Stabilising and upgrading a business critical system

The Solution

Software Solved worked with WSH initially to understand the technology and then to stabilise the system.

We worked alongside them to resolve many ‘business-as-usual’ issues as they arose, including time-critical problems that could have stopped the businesses trading altogether.

Westbury Street Holdings Software Solved
WSH Software Solved case study hospitality

The Outcome

The system is now running consistently and we have ongoing support in place to prevent unnecessary and costly downtime.

We have also resolved ongoing issues with integration with other business systems and provided other further enhancements.


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