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Written on 24th May 2021 - < 1 minute

VIDEO | Identifying Data Maturity Through The AALPs Process

Identifying Data Maturity Through The AALPs Process


Join our Head of New Business Sales, Gari Le Piquet as he talks us through how a Data Maturity Assessment can add value to your business. A data maturity assessment sees our technical experts get under the hood of your data collection systems, understanding how they are used, by who and for what.

How we look at data maturity within an organisation can help us to reduce churn, improve customer services and even introduce new revenue streams.

Access: Here we work with you to understand the accessibility of your organisations data. This includes the quality and availability of data sources, your existing data warehouse capabilities and also your ability to integrate reporting.

Analyse: We look to understand your organisations current capabilities to analyse data which includes; your existing reporting needs, the quality and accuracy of current reports and also the confidence you have in the quality of the data. This is all considered along with the existing skills sets you have.

Learn: This focuses on the ability to identify opportunities, learned from your data and add further value. This could be through using machine learning and data science techniques, and could even include the addition of new data sources.

Predict: This focuses on the ability to predict outcomes from your systems and data. It is often the outcome of successful explorations in the learn phases, and sees those models being implemented into live systems.

Are you ready to move your data maturity forward? To improve organisational decision making, operational efficiencies and to grow revenues, it only takes a few minutes to contact us and start earning from your data.

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