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Staff Augmentation

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Do you sometimes need resource augmentation to help you complete projects on time, on budget and to spec?

Also known as flexible resourcing, team augmentation or team extension, staff augmentation is a flexible way of building your dream project team. It provides the skilled people you need without tying you into a long-term contract. With the ability to scale up and down, this is a truly flexible way of working.

Using staff augmentation enables you to access the right skills at the right time without any HR obligations. We take on all the hiring so that you benefit from our team’s expertise without the hassle of recruitment. 

If you need extra hands on deck, simply discuss your requirements with us and we’ll match them to our pool of:

● Business analysts

● Developers

● Project managers

● Testers

Let our team of experts, become an extension of yours.

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Popular staff augmentation scenarios include:

No HR obligations

Hiring a whole development team

Maintain a level of control

Hiring developers but keeping the project-management in-house

Lower risk

Hiring all of our resources to deliver a project from end to end

Flex up or down

Hiring Business Analysts to scope out a project to be developed in-house

How can we help you minimise frustrations, risks and issues?

Preventing recruitment delays

We will match you with the perfect person in far less time than it would take to place a job ad, sift through applications and schedule interviews.

Reducing Scope Creep

Our detailed specifications, based on business and user needs, will be clearly communicated to the project team and stakeholders. 

Reducing conflict

Our processes reduce ambiguity, clarify expectations and maximise stakeholder buy-in at all stages.

Preventing slippage

Realistic schedules will be implemented and monitored. 

We can provide additional resource to ensure you stay on track if deadlines are brought forward or you experience staffing issues.

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Minimising post-launch disruption

We will help you identify, discuss and resolve any issues at an early stage. This will reduce rework costs and minimise any potential embarrassment and damage to your reputation. 

Minimising overspending

We will create accurate budget predictions and control your costs throughout the project lifecycle.

We will also take responsibility for any recruitment, holiday, sickness and training costs associated with our team.

Facilitating problem solving

We will share knowledge and examples of best practice gained from working on hundreds of projects. 

Keeping legacy systems going

We will provide the expertise you need to maintain legacy systems, as and when you need it.

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"Staff augmentation gives you the flexibility of increasing or decreasing headcount or switching one skillset for another... with no hard feelings or recruitment costs!"

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Our promises to you...

Risk Consulting


We will always take the time to understand your goals, objectives and requirements at the start of a project. 

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We carefully vet anyone who wants to join our team. This includes a thorough evaluation of soft skills as well as technical expertise.

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We recognise our role as custodians of your information and data. We’re certified to ISO27001, the Information Security Management Standard and regularly train our staff on cyber security and GDPR. 

Risk Consulting


We’re also certified to ISO9001, the Quality Management Standard. As part of ISO9001, we continually monitor the level of service we deliver. We will also regularly ask you for your feedback and learn from your comments. 

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Knowledge transfer

We want your projects to benefit from the very latest thinking, skills and technology. We therefore hold regular performance reviews, invest in training and encourage peer-to-peer information sharing.  

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The perfect match

We will partner you with specialists who will share your values, understand your way of working and fit into your team. 

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We only recruit authentic, creative, passionate and inclusive people. We work hard to ensure that they remain happy, committed and motivated. 

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Ease of communication

Our team are all based in the UK. There will be no timezone problems and you’ll receive regular, clear communications. 

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Where confidentiality allows, we’ll share client stories and even put you in touch if you require a more personal recommendation. 

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What skillsets are available?

icon developer


They will follow your project spec to ensure that the requirements of users and the business are met. 

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Project Managers

They will keep your project on track, minimise costs and ensure stakeholders remain engaged.

icon Testing


They will ensure that the user experience is optimised and your reputation is protected.

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Business Analysts

They will ensure that your project is primed for success by identifying project requirements and creating robust specifications. 

Staff augmentation case study

Read our case study on our provision of flexible workers for BearingNet.

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