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Agile project management

Get experienced Agile project management support to deliver on time, to budget and at the highest standard. We have been running Agile projects with several of our clients here at Software Solved. Agile is a process by which a team can manage a project by breaking it up into several stages and involving constant collaboration with stakeholders. This leads to continuous improvement and iteration at every stage.

Our project managers understand what it takes to run a successful Agile project. Clear and concise communication, regular ceremonies and an engaged team are all part of our process.


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The five phases of project management

One of our real strengths at Software Solved is our ability to deliver the right system, on time and on budget. Being organised and structured from the outset is an important part of project management. Using the 5 phases of project management provides a structured way to plan for each of the project stages.

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Setting the project context

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Defining what, how and when work will be done

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Carrying out the plan

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Performance monitoring and measurement

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Obtaining client acceptance and wrapping up

Embedding good project management practices is the key to successful software development. Watch our webinar on the Successful Software Systems Project Management to find out more about how we manage projects at Software Solved.

The key to successful project management

Our project managers are experienced at working with diverse and large teams across multiple organisations. They understand the importance of keeping stakeholders informed and engaged through a medium that best suits an organisation.

In addition to AGILE, we are highly skills in using the Waterfall project methodology. Our Prince2 qualified project managers can identify the best approach for your organisation.

From the first meeting, we can ensure that roles and responsibilities are defined and communicated to all stakeholders. The priority is to avoid conflict and ambiguity to ensure overall project success.

One of the elements that is crucial to the delivery of a successful IT project is strong project management.

Our resident expert Project Manager has shared what it takes to give your project the best possible start.

Get ahead with our free guide with our top tips for successful project management.

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