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The benefits of a business analyst

  • Are you looking to develop a new system or enhance an existing one?
  • Do you have a vision and lots of ideas but you’re not sure how to bring it all together or what the next step is?
  • Maybe you’ve captured some requirements internally but you’re not sure if they are robust or complete and you’d like an external expert to validate the work to date.
  • Perhaps you’re going out to tender for a new system or service and you need to produce a formal set of requirements.  You might possibly need some help with the Invitation to Tender (ITT) itself and how best to evaluate the responses

Our business analysts are experienced at capturing requirements succinctly that will set your project up for a successful outcome for all stakeholders.

Project Management

Our Approach:

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Our Services: Requirements analysis

We undertake a thorough requirement analysis.
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Our Services: Requirements validation

We validate the requirements, checking for gaps and inconsistencies, challenging assumptions and removing ambiguities.
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Our Services: Invitation to Tender (ITT)

We support the creation of the ITT, evaluate the tenders if required and produce the Requirements Definition
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Our Techniques

We understand the needs of stakeholders through user stories, journey maps and process flows. We also use case models, wireframes and data definitions. We value clarity with a business first approach.

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The Benefits

Our method helps to create order out of chaos. Think of us as independent assessors, free from bias and agenda who can challenge the status quo and any hidden assumptions. We also bring our own ideas to help create structure and consistency across the project.

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Call on our experience to ensure you get the right system for your needs

Are you looking to undertake a brand new software development or a system re-write or enhancement? In order to deliver the right solution, you need to be able to define its functional and non-functional requirements in any given environment. And by the right solution, we mean the one that meets the needs of the business and delivers optimum ROI – whether custom written or off-the-shelf.

Too often the tendency is to focus on the ‘wants’ or the ‘nice to haves’ rather than the genuine needs of the business. The result is a system that does not deliver business advantage and will often not be adopted by users as the fit is simply not right.

One of the elements that is crucial to the delivery of a successful IT project is strong project management.

Our resident expert Project Manager has shared what it takes to give your project the best possible start.

Get ahead with our free guide with our top tips for successful project management.

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