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Having a dedicated Quality Assurance & Testing team is an invaluable asset for any software project. Their independence from the day-to-day development allows for a fresh perspective and ability to flesh out the more obscure bugs you wouldn’t want to find once a system has gone live. Being able to call on dedicated Testing & QA personnel will help you to deliver business value every time.
Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Why is testing the key to quality assurance?

We are ISO27001 and ISO9001 certified. But what exactly does this mean? It’s the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management systems. It means we demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. With the Software Solved testing team, you’re in safe hands.

Our test team are able to carry out both Static and System testing that helps to remove contradictions or ambiguity within software, helping to make a product better before it’s even been built.

It’s important to get testing involved from the beginning of a project, enabling them to become experts on how you want your system to run.

When do you need a Software Tester?

Software Quality Assurance is a unique activity in that it touches every aspect of a business. Testing’s purpose is to provide information about the product quality and possible risks, allowing stakeholders to make informed decisions and where possible, fixes. Testing helps to increase confidence in a system, confidence that it won’t break and that bugs won’t prevent successful action executions.

There’s nothing more harmful to a business than a poor quality product. Our testing team are experts at not only uncovering issues but helping to find the root of the problem.

The skills our test team bring to a project:

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Domain knowledge

Our test team have expertise working in projects across a number of sectors, this specialised knowledge can be applied to your project.

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A logical approach

Testers are naturally analytical thinkers. They take their time to understand the root of the problem in addition to highlighting an issue.

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Increase confidence in your systems with rigorous testing procedures. Ensuring your systems stand the test of time.

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Communication skills

Concise and effective communication is part and parcel of a good testers remit. After all, they touch every aspect of a business.

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Business awareness

Our testers have worked for recognisable brands across multiple industries. They have an awareness of your broader business goals.

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Customer perspective

They remove ambiguity and contradictions within a system, from multiple devices ensuring they test exactly how a user will act.

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