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Managed Support Packages FAQ's

We use our ticket management system, JIRA to monitor and manage your SLA’s to ensure we are always across any issues you raise in a timely manner. A monthly report is also shared with you which provides an overview of performance against your agreed SLA’s. 

The level of reporting is dependant on the package you are on. All levels are provided with:

  • Support tickets
  • Prioritised ticket backlog
  • Monthly SLA report
  • Monthly Ticket Overview report
  • Quarterly Service Review report


We can usually upgrade your support package or increase he size of your team with 2 weeks’ notice. If you are mid-month then we will start the upgrade from the beginning of the following month.

You will have 2 options:

  • Option 1: Agreement with the support team that the ticket can be rolled forward into the pre-paid time in the next contracted month.
  • Option 2: You will have the option to purchase extra days (minimum of 1), that you can utilise within a month to complete work on a ticket or as a block of time for a specific project that needs focus.

We will ensure that we communicate with you regularly and will alert you when you are getting within 25% of your allotted time within a contracted month. That way you can decide which of the options suits you the best.

We respond to major issues with the utmost urgency. We understand that system down events can cause disruption to your business, so we have a Major Incident Process that initially targets getting your system up and running before focussing on the root cause analysis of the issue.

If a major issue is raised, it will jump to the head of the priority queue and we will endeavour to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

We have a dedicated page where you can find more information on our system health checks.

We agree with you through our regular calls the best dates and schedules for releases. As part of ticket management within JIRA you can also view target releases for each ticket.

With the complete package you can gain access to a wider range of our teams’ experts. As part of the technical road mapping for your systems we can agree a schedule of when best to utilise these skills within the team. You can also raise changes to this plan or make ad-hoc requests via your account manager at any time.

Typically, technology improvements are made tactically adding in features and components as an organisation requires them.  The downside of this approach is often any step change in technology required to meet a new modern objective such as a new level of customer experience or a leaner cost level is made difficult by the proliferation of data and technologies tactically added in over time.  A digital technology roadmap is a strategic plan that enables long term business objectives.  Any company wishing to interact with customers through multiple channels, reducing the cost to serve and gaining a customer centric view of their data can do so more easily if they have implemented and digital transformation roadmap.

Design Thinking is a 5-stage iterative process in which we seek to understand the user and their requirements by challenging assumptions and redefining problems, in an attempt to identify alternative better strategies and solutions.  When used to design technology solutions it leads to products and systems that might not be instantly apparent with our initial level of understanding. Design Thinking revolves around a deep interest in developing an understanding of the people for whom we’re designing the products or services. It is a way of thinking and working as well as a collection of hands-on methods.

We utilise the rapid prototyping approach and methodology for investigating and proving new ideas, areas or modules of your system or possible even new systems altogether with you.

This approach takes an iterative approach where we would raise an initial spike ticket, agree a set of high-level requirements and begin building to test out the ideas whilst gaining regular feedback and demos.

At that stage if we agree that the prototype is going to have value and long-term benefits to your application then we can discuss its inclusion within your technical roadmap.

Speak to the support manager or account manager to discuss these ideas and include them within your technical roadmap.

‘Software Solved cover ‘business as usual’ technical support for our main customer database and online portals. As you can imagine this support it quite critical to our business and customer focus. We have a great support management relationship. Requesting support is so easy and the team are always on hand to support and offer advice on best solutions with a real personable approach. We have worked with Software Solved for many years and they are very familiar with our business processes and organisational objectives which really works for us when tackling any issues or considering potential system changes to support business needs. The support team are extremely flexible when managing workloads and slotting in any regulatory or business critical requirements in line with other scheduled work tasks with clear communication on prioritizing tasks. The work cycles are always managed extremely well from development, testing, release to live and there is always on-hand support following a live release. The team are super-efficient, approachable and carry out their support work to a very high standard. They also are understanding of the need to explain some of the technical terminology in layman terms which is really beneficial for reporting perspective. All in all a fantastic team to have support the business and a team we really trust!
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Sandra Harmon
Project Manager & Data Protection Officer at HSF

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