SurveyorTech Benefits & Approach


How is SurveyorTech transforming the insurance industry?

With our history and expertise in the insurance industry, we’re uniquely placed to understand the needs and requirements of both brokers and underwriters. For too long the industry has been guilty of relying on low quality data and estimations, but not anymore.

SurveyorTech harnesses the accessibility and safety that drone technology provides. If you want to more accurately and quickly predict risk, then SurveyorTech is the service for you.

Drone surveys we provide

Building Condition Surveys

We can scan your buildings with our drone and provide you with high resolution imagery or a detailed 3D model for you to analyse.

Surveying and Mapping

We will survey your construction site with the latest drone technology and surveying techniques. We collect millions of data points which you can access via your unique portal login.

Heritage Property

Our drones can survey roof structures, chimneys, leadwork and tall buildings with ease. We can survey remote properties that are difficult to access safely and quickly.

High Rise Surveys

Our surveyors have the expertise to survey and inspect high-rise tower blocks, capturing HD images and video using the latest in drone technology.

Progress Reporting

With the ease and convenience SurveyorTech provides, you’ll be able to quickly update and feedback data.

Roof Survey

Why use ladders and scaffolding when you have a safer and more cost-effective method available? Drones capture high res photos and video from the sky.

Custom Surveys

Have you got a specific requirement? We can provide fully customised solutions to suit your needs.

We can provide fully customised solutions to meet your clients needs. If you have an area of expertise or a specialised scheme we can tailor a solution for your portfolio.

How can SurveyorTech benefit you?

With the help of SurveyorTech you’ll have access to the highest quality images and data. This will give you the insights needed to make the right decisions, assess risks like never before and improve profitability.

We acquire and process data very efficiently, reducing the time you spend on labour-intensive activities and using less equipment. Your reports are usually available within 48 hours from survey completion, enhancing your productivity.

The future of surveying means improving safety for all stakeholders. SurveyorTech minimised the need to involve people in high risk surveying operations and difficult to access properties, with no need for ladders or working at height.

Want to know more about SurveyorTech?

How we work

1. Project Planning

We start with a call to understand your needs before we prepare your docs and RAMS. Then we consider your ground control requirements before planning your survey.

2. Delivery

After completion of a full Health & Safety and Risk Assessment we then install our ground controls and complete your survey with as little disruption as possible.

3. Data Processing

We understand the need for accurate and high-quality data. Reviews are undertaken before we prepare your report.

4. Access to Data

Once we have completed our data processing we upload and provide you with full access.

5. Data Reporting

We will create a report on all of your data along with geo-referenced images. We can also create custom or tailored reports.

6. Ongoing Support

Working with you we will ensure that you get maximum benefit from your data and reports.

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Examples of our surveys

See examples of how SurveyorTech can be applied to your industry.


Our Drone Surveyors are members of ARPAS, the Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems.

This demonstrates their commitment to be the leading experts in their field, committed to safe working practices and delivering the highest standard of imagery and data every time.