Digital surveying and inspections made easy

With SurveyorTech® you can quickly and easily create digital surveys, facilitate property  inspections and inventory management by remotely or physically surveying the area.

Because SuveyorTech® is cloud based it is secure, reliable and accessible 24/7.

Adaptable Reporting At Your Fingertips...

Designed to assist with a range of surveying, inspection and management roles, SurveyorTech is the easy, secure and reliable way to cover remote or on-premise views at the click of a button.

Accessed via an app, for use with a phone, tablet or laptop, this is a low-commitment, adaptable reporting tool, at an affordable price.

Whether you work in Tourism, Construction, Logistics, Health and Safety, Real Estate or Insurance, you’ll find that this adaptable tool is perfect for your inspection or surveying needs.

Surveyortech phone survey
SurveyorTech on both Apple and Android

SurveyorTech is ...

Surveyortech Accessible

Easy to use

Simply record your information visually, adding supplementary notes and annotations

SurveyorTech - automatically backed up


A monthly licence subscription without the commitment

SurveyorTech - cancel anytime/flexible


Our customised reporting facility enables you to create reports for any industry

Allowing ...

SurveyorTech remote icon - orange

Remote Surveying

Schedule a video streaming session via the SurveyorTech app and portal

SurveyorTech on-premise icon grey

On-Premise Surveying

Use the SurveyorTech app with a 360 camera or a smartphone camera to complete on-premise surveys

...and has been designed to support a multitude of professions including:

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