SurveyorTech: Allowing insurers to meet the demand for surveys

Revolutionising insurance risk management

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SurveyorTech is revolutionising how commercial risk and claims are surveyed and managed with the use of 360 camera technology, mobile applications, and client portals.

Time and resource no longer have to be constraints in risk surveying. Our easy-to-use portable camera and client portals increases both the amount and quality of data that can be captured.

By giving unprecedented access to all stakeholders via 360 photos and portals, risk can be better identified, rectified and managed – making it easier for you to find the best terms for your client.

Survey more risk in your portfolio

Survey More Risks

Making the surveying of smaller risk more economical.

Early identification of risk improvements

Risk Identification

Identify risk improvement
earlier than ever.

No need for pre cover survey

More Certainty

Negate the need for a
pre-cover survey.

Collaborate with stakeholders on SurveyorTech portal

Communicate & Share

Collaborate with all stakeholders via a portal.

Get the edge on your competition

We all know that insurers would like to survey more of their portfolio. 

However, surveys have traditionally been uneconomical for small risks. But often these are the most in need of support.  For customers and insurers, early identification of risk increases transparency and certainty.

SurveyorTech enables brokers to survey risk prior to agreeing terms with an insurer. Early identification of risk allows for better advice and improvements to be communicated to the client.

For insurers it gives them the power to request low cost and easy-to-use surveys from other stakeholders including the broker, 3rd parties, and even the client. SurveyorTech is significantly increasing the number of surveys in insurers’ portfolios.

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