What is SurveyorTech?

SurveyorTech enables you to create digital surveys including visual walkthroughs of the interior and exterior of properties. Easily record hazards, risks, features and materials on site. Share insights with others from your own online platform. Showcase your expertise and gain better insurance outcomes for you or your clients.

Coming soon... SurveyorTech Connect

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, SurveyorTech Connect is being developed to allow you to survey properties using just the built-in camera on a smart phone without travelling to a site. SurveyorTech Connect is currently in rapid development, funded by Innovate-UK, and we are looking for organisations to help us pilot the product.

The ability to survey remotely is more important than ever. The inability to visit and access a property can be costly, both for the insurer and the policy holder.

Revolutionising how risk is surveyed

Our platform enables insurers and brokers to immerse themselves in a property, allowing them to better identify risks and suggest improvements, without even setting foot inside.

Our easy-to-use platform links seamlessly between iOS devices and the web portal. You, the user, can manage permissions and access, allowing for photo and video assets to be simply collected and stored regardless of where you may be. Features include the helpful annotation tool, allowing you to highlight risks and points of interest which are visible during the virtual walk through.

Remote Surveying

Allowing you to increase your survey volumes in a cost effective manner.

Live Streaming

This function is part of our SurveyorTech Connect package.

Easy To Share

Manage users and share information and access with insurers.

360 Imagery

Create a 360° walk-through of your clients premises.

Annotate Images

Highlight areas of interest and risk whilst also blocking out sensitive information.

iOS Friendly

The application is available on iOS mobile phones and tablets.

SurveyorTech for:


  • Develop broking submissions that stand out
  • Negotiate preferential terms for your clients
  • Add more value to insurers by providing survey-quality data
  • Obtain market exclusivity to win and retain more clients
  • Reduce the need for pre-cover surveys or quotes subject to survey
  • Enhance your risk consulting offering and encourage insurers to contribute to risk management funding


  • Increase the number of risks surveyed
  • Work more closely with the broker and client to tailor your proposition and win more business
  • Develop a desktop survey proposition
  • Encourage surveys of non-complex risk from the broker channel
  • Free up specialist surveyors to focus on complex surveys
  • Reduce survey costs and carbon footprint


  • Quickly capture 360° images and property walkthroughs
  • Enhance documentation of property damage including observations and supporting claims documentation
  • Develop a desktop loss adjusting service by using a single source of data capture as the basis of collaboration with remote specialists
  • Bring down costs by reducing the number of loss adjusting specialists that are required on site
  • Survey pre-, during and post-reinstatement to reduce client and contractor fraud
  • Where broker and insurer partners use SurveyorTech it provides an accurate before and after picture for loss assessment

Risk Consultants

  • Quickly capture 360° view of a client’s risk
  • Reduce administration time – a picture paints a thousand words
  • Record risk management advice backed up by a visual representation of the current situation
  • Record all required risk improvements and share this with all stakeholders such as the client, broker and underwriter
  • Develop a desktop risk consulting service to increase the number of clients that can be handled, freeing up onsite advice for those clients that need it
  • Reduce pre-meeting preparation where a SurveyorTech survey has been pre-recorded, enabling rapid identification of areas of focus

Other Sectors SurveyorTech has been designed for

  • Property Surveyors
  • Risk and H&S Consultants
  • Auditors
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Leisure & Hospitality Specialists
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Loss Adjusters

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