SurveyorTech for drone operators

SurveyorTech drone technology

SurveyorTech gives you the ability to create digital surveys and tours of property interior and exteriors that you can then combine with your aerial drone images. 

How does SurveyorTech work?

SurveyorTech provides you with the ability to create on-premise or remote surveys where you can capture images, walkthroughs and add annotations. See how in this short video.

Using the SurveyorTech app (currently available on the iOS store with android coming soon) and portal with your smartphone or a 360o camera (we recommend the Ricoh Theta V) you can create visual walkthroughs and tours of a property either remotely or on premise.

SurveyorTech features include:

On Premise Surveys

  • Capture images using the SurveyorTech app with your smartphone or 360 camera
  • Add annotations and notes to images
  • Link images together via the portal to create a virtual walkthrough
  • Upload additional images such as floor plans and drone imagery and link with main images
  • Store and manage surveys via the portal
  • Create survey links and securely share with clients

Remote Surveys

  • Free use of SurveyorTech app for your clients
  • Schedule unlimited secure live streaming session with your on-site clients
  • View the live stream from the portal
  • Capture images and short video bursts during the live stream
  • Add notes and annotations to captured images
  • Link images together to create a virtual walkthrough

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