SurveyorTech for Facilities Managers

Remote Risk assessments with SurveyorTech

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SurveyorTech for Facilities Managers

SurveyorTech provides the ability to create and capture visual surveys of the interior and exterior of properties Conduct either on-premise or remote assessments of a building with SurveyorTech. 

You are now enabled to quickly build up a record of the building condition including risk management features and inventory. This can be shared securely for collaboration with stakeholders to help manage, mitigate and eliminate identified risks.


Capture images and video using smartphone or 360 camera technology


Create visual walkthroughs, add annotations, take screenshots and upload floor plans

Bring to life

Securely view and share with key stakeholders via the SurveyorTech portal

On-Premise Surveys

  • Bring risk assessments to life with images, test and video
  • Document where risks are situated and evidence improvement over time
  • Quickly record, document and evidence the condition of a property, site and inventory at any time
  • Use a combination of 360 images, flat images, video and text
  • Defend against litigation claims with highly visual records and evidence
  • Reduce the time and effort required to investigate litigation and insurance claims

Remote Surveys

  • Free use of SurveyorTech app for the onsite representative
  • Save time by enabling remote specialists to investigate issues, faults, emergencies and requests
  • Document observations on the live stream with text, images and video bursts
  • Limit your call out time, disruption, associated costs and reduce your carbon footprint
  • Add notes and annotations to captured images
  • Link images together to create a virtual walkthrough

"SurveyorTech is a tool that has many benefits for E&F professionals. A reduction in time demand, ability to demonstrate compliance and providing access to remotely to third parties make this a highly beneficial software package"

Paul Pattinson, Senior Estates & Facilities Professional

See how SurveyorTech works

SurveyorTech has been developed by Software Solved who have over 20 years’ experience in developing and delivering software projects. SurveyorTech is a cost-effective digital solution to assessing and capturing risk assessments.

How to use SurveyorTech

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Undertake surveys remotely by scheduling a video streaming session with your client via the SurveyorTech app and portal.

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Need to add an aerial survey?
We can introduce you to an experienced partner and add visuals to your portal.

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By using the SurveyorTech app with a 360 camera or your smartphone camera, you can complete on-premise surveys and enhance further in the portal.

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