How to conduct a Survey with SurveyorTech

SurveyorTech provides you with three ways to create digital surveys and walkthroughs of the interior and exterior of properties.

Surveyortech phone survey
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Creating a remote survey or walkthrough with SurveyorTech is quick and easy. Simply schedule a live streaming session with your client via the portal, make sure your customer has the app installed and at the time of the session you can connect with them and guide them around the areas you need to see, capturing images and videos as you go.

Once the survey has finished images will be saved to your portal where you can create walkthroughs, add notes and annotations, block out any sensitive information and then share with key stakeholders. 

It’s that easy.

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Using a 360 camera or your smartphone, you can connect to the SurveyorTech app and create a survey or walkthrough of the required rooms and areas of a property. Adding notes and annotations as you go means key information can be captured whilst you are there.

Once you’ve completed the survey simply upload your images to the portal and you can then create walkthroughs, add notes and annotations, block out any sensitive information and share with key stakeholders for review and further action.

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If you need aerial images created of a property or area, we can introduce you to our experienced partners who are able to capture drone images that can enhance and add value to ground level surveys and walkthroughs.

Once the aerial visuals are captured we can add them to your SurveyorTech portal so that you can create one central view of your survey.

If you would like a 3rd party to conduct a survey of the interior of a property they can help with that too.

See how SurveyorTech works:

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SurveyorTech has been designed to support a multitude of professions including:

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