SurveyorTech for Insurance

Helping to revolutionise how risk is surveyed

SurveyorTech provides the ability to create and capture visual surveys of the interior and exterior of properties either remotely or on premise.

Enabling insurers and brokers to immerse themselves in a property and better identify risks and suggest improvements either via remote or on-premise surveying.

Designed to support a multitude of rules within Insurance including:

SurveyorTech enables brokers to develop a detailed risk profile to support their broking. With SurveyorTech brokers can;


  • Create visual broking submissions that stand out
  • Negotiate preferential terms for your clients through the use of visual walkthroughs
  • Obtain market exclusivity to win and retain more clients
  • Reduce the need for pre-cover surveys or quotes subject to survey
  • Capture risk improvements within the visual survey to help prioritise survey backlog and workload
  • Use remote surveying to create many more proposals that include survey information

SurveyorTech enables underwriters to make better underwriting decisions and view properties as if they were there. With SurveyorTech Underwriters can;

  • Access visual surveys of a property to understand the loss control and risk management procedures in place
  • Collect better risk information by creating visual records of the property and its associated risks
  • Work more closely with the broker and client to tailor propositions and win more business
  • Encourage surveys of non-complex risk to take place within the broker channel
  • Free up specialist surveyors to focus on complex surveys
  • Reduce survey costs and carbon footprint through the use of remote surveying

SurveyorTech allows those in claims to quickly capture a visual record of the interior and exterior of a property post loss. With SurveyorTech Claims professionals can;

  • Quickly capture visual walkthroughs and images of a property either remotely or on premise
  • Create visuals with annotations of loss including loss estimates, subsequent risk management and loss prevention
  • Share survey details easily with key stakeholders to finalise claims settlement or engage with specialists such as contractors and loss adjusters
  • Develop a desktop loss adjusting service by using a single source of data capture as the basis of collaboration with remote specialists
  • Bring down costs by reducing the number of loss adjusting specialists that are required on site
  • Survey pre-, during and post-reinstatement to reduce client and contractor fraud
  • Where broker and insurer partners use SurveyorTech it provides an accurate before and after picture for loss assessment

SurveyorTech provides Risk Consultants access to visual surveys of a property to assess and record risk management advice. With SurveyorTech Risk Consultants can;

  • Quickly capture visual walkthroughs of a client’s risk
  • Record risk management advice backed up by a visual representation of the current situation
  • Record all required risk improvements and share this with all stakeholders such as the client, broker and underwriter
  • Develop a desktop risk consulting service to increase the number of clients that can be handled, freeing up onsite advice for those clients that need it
  • Reduce pre-meeting preparation where a SurveyorTech survey has been pre-recorded, enabling rapid identification of areas of focus

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How to use SurveyorTech


Undertake property walkthroughs remotely by scheduling a video streaming session with your potential client via the SurveyorTech app and portal.

On Premise

By using the SurveyorTech app with a 360 camera or your smartphones camera, you can capture a walkthrough on premise and then enhance further in the portal.


Need to add a 360 aerial survey? We can introduce you to an experienced partner and add visuals to your portal.