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Helping you assess and analyse risk like never before
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SurveyorTech is revolutionising how properties and constructions sites are surveyed in the UK. Using high tech unmanned drones and the latest hardware to collect high resolution imagery and data from the air, SurveyorTech is able to provide highly detailed and precise information like never before. Data can be geo-referenced from the ground for the most accurate survey data yet.

Are you a broker in the insurance or construction industries? SurveyorTech could add value to your clients and be a valuable source of income to you.

Providing more detailed analysis than ever before

Drone Photography

High definition aerial images

Drone Video

Shot in 4k Ultra HD formats

Point Cloud

Utilises surface matching and triangulation


Captures surroundings from street level or above

Drone surveys we provide

Building Condition Surveys

High Rise Surveys

Surveying and Mapping

Progress Reporting

Heritage Property

Roof Survey

Custom Surveys

We can provide fully customised solutions to meet your clients needs. If you have an area of expertise or a specialised scheme we can tailor a solution for your portfolio.

How can SurveyorTech help you?

Benefits of a drone survey

Cost Savings
Quality of Data

Our Drone Surveyors are members of ARPAS, the Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems.

This demonstrates their commitment to be the leading experts in their field, committed to safe working practices and delivering the highest standard of imagery and data every time.

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