SurveyorTech for Real Estate

Create professional walk throughs in minutes

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SurveyorTech benefits Real Estate Agents

Enabling you to:

  • Showcase residential or commercial properties to prospective buyers
  • Provide a virtual walkthrough of the property both inside and out
  • Highlight key features using notes and annotations
  • Complete a remote survey with current property owners without the need for you to visit the property
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See how SurveyorTech works

How to use SurveyorTech

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Undertake surveys remotely by scheduling a video streaming session with your client via the SurveyorTech app and portal.

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Need to add an aerial survey?
We can introduce you to an experienced partner and add visuals to your portal.

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By using the SurveyorTech app with a 360 camera or your smartphone camera, you can complete on-premise surveys and enhance further in the portal.

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