SurveyorTech for Risk Management

Visually record and store Health & Safety checks

SurveyorTech provides you with the ability to visually capture your daily Health and Safety checks and store them for reference and auditing purposes. 

Enabling those in Risk Management to:

  • Create visual walkthroughs of properties inside and out
  • Record and annotate any potential risks, hazards and faults
  • Add notes to outline action(s) required, by who and when
  • Block out personal or confidential information
  • Share completed surveys with key stakeholders
  • Conduct surveys remotely without the need to travel to sites

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How to use SurveyorTech


Undertake surveys remotely by scheduling a video streaming session with required personnel via the SurveyorTech app and portal.

On Premise

By using the SurveyorTech app with a 360 camera or your smartphones camera, you can complete on premise surveys and then enhance further in the portal.


Need to add a 360 aerial survey? We can introduce you to an experienced partner and add visuals to your portal.