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Why do you need a business software systems health check?

It is vital to keep your business systems up to date and running as smoothly as possible. If your business is running old or legacy systems, then it’s highly likely that you face disruption and costly downtime on a regular basis. This is not only frustrating for employees and clients alike, but can cost you a lot of money if not put right. A systems health check can identify any current problems and predict future issues, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your systems.

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How does a systems health check improve your business operations?

Without effective and efficient systems, it is impossible to ensure smooth running of your business operations. Your systems need to be in good health in order for the business to function, and for you to spend time on the projects that matter, rather than spending time fixing issues.  

A systems health check will alert you to any instabilities and issues within your IT system, so you can make alterations to optimise the performance of your system. This will have an automatic effect on the efficiency of your business operations, as you can fix issues that may currently be hindering your day-to-day operations. It will also enable you to streamline or redesign current processes to hit business targets and budget more effectively.  

Systems are a vital part of any business, so it is imperative that regular systems health checks are carried out to ensure the systems are functioning successfully and are helping your business operations to flourish. 

What will a systems health check cover?

Our team of experts will begin by performing a stringent analysis of your system, using a scoring system to complete a thorough audit of the software in all key areas. This will allow them to pinpoint areas for improvement, places to consider upgrading, or passing areas as suitable.

We will look at how viable your system is in the following areas:

User Experience

Is the system interface easy to learn?

Is there a visual hierarchy?

Is the interface reactive and work properly on different devices?


Is the technology fit for purpose?

Does the system have the flexibility to keep up with the changing needs of the business?

Can you advance the software using the current technology?


To what extent does your current software it interoperate with other systems in the business?

Does it contain software that uses similar storage techniques?

Does the system interact with external interfaces?


Are there tools available for troubleshooting? Is there a test version available that is separate from the live system? Is there technical expertise available?


Can the database scale out? Can the software support the cloud? Has the system been designed with scalability in mind?


Is there a good code layout? Is the code organised into logical layers? Is technical debt prioritised for development?

Data and Analytics

Is sufficient data being captured? Is the data being analysed using predictive? Are data scientists being utilised to provide insights?


Is the system continuously maintained from a security standpoint? Is defence-in-depth practised? Is the least privilege principle practised?

Could a systems health check remedy your business needs?

Find out more what a System Health entails and how it could benefit your business by watching this Software Solved webinar.

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