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The Software Solved team is more than a sum of its parts. Meet not just the brightest minds in tech, but the talented individuals hailing from the other departments, whose expertise in their roles make the company such a successful entity. Our team’s range of knowledge and expertise means we can be your one-stop shop for business software support.

“I am incredibly proud of all of our team who work tirelessly for the company; who embody the values and bring their individuality and creativity to work, making the Software Solved team what it is.”

Gareth Mapp, Chief Revenue Officer

Executive Team Members

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Thomas Coles

Thomas Coles, Chair

Expertise: 25 years running my own businesses and consulting. B.Sc. (Hons) Computer Science

Core Responsibilities: Strategy Oversight, Governance

Likes: Kids, cats (though we have dogs), running and Margaux

Chris Rhodes, Non Executive Director

Chris Rhodes, Non-Executive Director

Expertise: Strategic planning, business recovery and development

Core Responsibilities: Leadership support, corporate governance adherence, board decision-making efficiency

Likes: Golf, scuba diving, good food 

Gareth Mapp, Director of Sales and Marketing

Gareth Mapp, Chief Revenue Officer

Expertise:  Experienced Sales & Commercial professional with multi-sector experience. 

Core Responsibilities:  Strategic management of RevOps function, incorporating Sales, Marketing, Account Management

Likes: Gym, music, travelling, food, and time with my son.

Matt Portt - CFO

Matt Portt, Chief Financial Officer, He/Him

Expertise: 20 yrs in accounting,  supporting businesses in high/growth environments.

Core Responsibilities: Leading the finance function, developing reporting & insights, providing strategic guidance

Likes: Crisps, family, walking

Laurent Brickell, Head of Ops

Laurent Brickell, Head of Operations

Expertise: 14+ years in CTO/CIO roles across banking, finance, retail, and insurance.

Core Responsibilities: Leading tech teams, driving change, supporting clients, and executing strategies to meet company objectives.

Likes: Cooking, baking, gaming and motorcycles. 

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Gareth Mapp, Director of Sales and Marketing

 Gareth Mapp, Chief Revenue Officer

Faisal Ahmed
Fasial Ahmed, Key Account Manager

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