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Meet our team

The Board

Thomas Coles
Thomas Coles, Chairman
Lindsay Lucas
Lindsay Lucas, Managing Director
George Coles
George Coles, Non-executive Director
Chris Rhodes
Chris Rhodes, Non-executive Director
Philip Ketteringham
Philip Ketteringham, Finance Director
Martin Lovell
Martin Lovell, Product and Commercial Director

The Leadership Team

Ian Russell
Ian Russell, Director of Operations
Jon Stace
Jon Stace, Director of Technology
Rob Faulkner
Rob Faulkner, Insurance Practice Lead
Charlotte Rook, HR Manager
Zoe Gill
Zoe Gill, Head of Marketing

Team Members

Finance and HR

Marketing and Sales

Heidi Lambert
Heidi Lambert, Finance Assistant
Melinda Harvey
Melinda Harvey, Finance Assistant
Georgia Wilson
Georgia Wilson, Business Support Co-ordinator & PA to Lindsay Lucas, MD
Faisal Ahmed, Key Account Manager
Rose Elliott
Rose Elliott, Digital Marketing Manager
Lizzie Bailey, Digital Marketing Executive

Operations and Delivery

Josie-Walledge, Head of Projects
Sarah Macleod
Sarah Macleod, Project Manager
Tom Cole Project Manager
Tom Cole, Project Manager
Jodie Cann
Jodie Cann, Project Manager
Graham Douglass
Graham Douglass, Lead Business Analyst
Max Johnson
Max Johnson, Assistant Product Manager & Buisness Analyst
Carole Murray, Business Analyst
Zoe Taylor
Zoe Taylor, Undergraduate Project Manager/Business Analyst
Helen Spry
Helen Spry, Head of QA & Resourcing
Phil Letheren
Phil Letheren, Lead Test Analyst
James Chamings
James Chamings, Automation Test Analyst
Jonathan Bellamy
Jonathan Bellamy, Test Analyst
James Bellamy, Junior Test Analyst
Andrew Page
Andrew Page, Lead Technical Consultant
John Howard
John Howard, Lead Technical Consultant
Abhishek Swaminathan
Abhishek Swaminathan, Technical Consultant
Chris Hill
Chris Hill, Technical Consultant
Chloe Thorne
Marcus Heap, Dynamics 365 Functional Consultant
Paul Kirk
Paul Kirk, Support Manager
Cory Holman
Cory Holman, IT Support
Scott Heilbrunn
Scott Heilbrunn, IT Support
Scott Jaques
Scott Jaques, Lead Support Developer
Jake Carr
Jake Carr, Lead Support Developer
Dan MacDuff
Dan MacDuff, Senior Developer
James Batten
James Batten, Developer
Kristian Dunn
Kristian Dunn, Developer
Victoria Anaero-Nweke
Victoria Anaero-Nweke, Developer
Lee Kempton
Lee Kempton, Developer
Steven Quick, Developer
Jordan Griffiths, Developer
Sean Redikin
Sean Redikin, Developer
Dan Hirst
Matthew Bell, Developer
Chloe Thorne
Chloe Thorne, Undergraduate Developer
Chloe Thorne
Dan Hirst, Undergraduate Developer

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