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The concept of virtual care has come a long way in a short amount of time. Pre-covid, telephone bookings for doctors appointments were available but it wasn’t the norm. 

Nowadays, the proliferation of remote patient monitoring services and technologies means that everyone is being pushed down this route of healthcare, to provide more convenient care ‘any time any place’ and to take the strain off healthcare resources.

This is an exciting industry to be working in, with so much potential for good, the possibilities are endless.

Telehealth services can reduce pressure on healthcare. Home-based and wearable monitoring equipment, as well as other medical services can prevent hospital admissions and the need for other healthcare professionals’ time.

How can we help?

The projected market size is enormous and you might be looking to take advantage of this new market by creating an innovative product or service.

We can help.

As a long standing, experienced custom software company, we’ve a legacy of working in regulated industries, on complex, sophisticated projects that many other companies might shy away from. 

Our Project Managers, Developers and Business Analysts are all highly experienced and our consultative approach means that the completed project will be something that both achieves your objectives and fulfils your needs. Plus, it will be delivered on time and on budget.

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