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Your trusted partner for successful projects that maximise financial returns

When business starts to suffer due to inadequate systems, we’ll work hand-in-hand with you to deliver the system that meets your business needs and provides the return on investment you should expect from any project.

Our analysts, systems experts and project managers operate with you to get under the skin of the complex issues that are holding you back. We’ll develop a quality, tailored solution that dovetails with your operation to address the problems you are facing and give you the edge over the competition.

Give yourself the competitive edge and call us today on 01392 453344 or contact us here.

Bespoke software design

How Software Solved can help

Software Solved works with organisations to develop smart, intelligent systems that transform business – on time and to budget.

Always focused on you

You’ll have access to development teams who understand your business and can create practical technology solutions for your new and existing systems.

Delivering the highest quality software

We build long-term partnerships based on trust and delivery of an outstanding product. Your new system will be maintained and supported to the highest level of service.

Always innovating

You’ll benefit from our commitment to constant research and development in advanced technology that keeps you at the forefront and a leader in your field.

Who we work with

Devon County Council
Eden Project
The Salvation Army
The National Trust
Build v Buy
Build or buy? The data software systems debate.
Build or buy? The data software systems debate. 1024 683 Jon Stace

The decision has been taken to update your software system (never one to be taken lightly). The requirements are done and the spec is written. What next? Now one of the toughest decisions you face is whether to build or buy your system! This is a contested topic often full of complicated jargon and contradicting…

health check
Why a Software System Health Check?
Why a Software System Health Check? 1024 683 John Howard

Why companies need a software systems health check You’ve been there… It’s Monday morning. You’re well rested from the weekend and raring to go. Well, that’s the theory anyway. A good week for me starts with key tasks prioritised and I’m well on top of what needs to be done in the coming days. But,…