Data warehousing design & implementation

One data source for one clear business view

Our data warehousing solutions integrate data from multiple systems

It’s not unusual for an organisation to be running multiple business systems across different departments. The accounting system, the ERP, the marketing database and the customer portals may all be operating very successfully for each department but, held on different systems, in different places, they can’t give you insight into what is happening uniformly across the entire business.

At Software Solved we design and implement data warehouses that accurately combine data from multiple systems to give you a single, precise source of the truth. We’ll install them on premises or in the cloud, whichever works best for your organisation.

This delivers high quality reporting in one source allowing you to make strategic decisions from a data source you can trust. Unlike what so many companies have where reporting is done directly from each separate system which does not provide the bigger picture view of the business and increases strain on databases – slowing down business systems. This approach also increases the proliferation of multiple inconsistent implementations of business rules across systems resulting in incorrect reports or increased maintenance costs.

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How we've implemented data warehouses in the past

Data Warehousing at Software Solved

In 20+ years of operation we have acquired vast experience and understanding of building and implementing data warehouses successfully. Examples include:

  • Migration of an on-premises data warehouse to a cloud-based data platform on Azure.
  • Cloud based data flow ETL processes and ETL mechanisms to consolidate disparate data sources.
  • Maintenance of an on-premises data marts.
  • Data warehouse implementation that brought data from a Document-style database into a format more appropriate for reporting.

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